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Funbook resets itself!!Support

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  1. Slacked

    Slacked New Member


    Bought the device some days ago and installed lots of apps and the next morning, it reseted itself to the default settings, like the one we get on a fresh purchase.

    Now, it has happened to me on quite a number of occasions and now really has disappointed me to an extent that I neither have any desire to install any apps on it and again am regretting going for it.
    So, I wanted to know if this is a problem common to some more than me or something!!!!

    Will flashing a custom ROM's get around this problem?

    P.S. I am in need of serious help guys. :questionmark:

  2. sraajagopalan

    sraajagopalan New Member

    Yes, I agree with him... Even it happens same for my funbook... I haven't rooted or installed any other firmware. By default it restores to it factory settings.. Guys Help me to get rid of this problem. Even i am not able to connect to my wifi. It hangs on saying "obtaining IP Address" Only static Ip works.
  3. NiharG996

    NiharG996 New Member

    I think you got a faulty Piece. Go to MMX Service Center.
  4. Slacked

    Slacked New Member

    Hey buddy, I got it all alright by making it to the service centre. They will do some software fix up and its good to go. Just do it. :D
  5. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    or u can try different rom

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