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  1. Nageshkj

    Nageshkj New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Please tell me if any one got the solution for this UNIVERSAL Problem with Micromax FUNBOOK.

    I purchased it before 4days and yesterday it got switched off automatically even though the battery was charged and the battery indicator was showing 18% and today it got switched off when the battery level is 32%.

    Guys please let me know if anybody have solution for this?
    Or should I have to contact the service center people to get this problem fixed.?

  2. Harshadgha

    Harshadgha New Member

    Hi I got same problem , i tried installing battery monitor app from market and set voltage based monitoring with min val 3400 and max val 4200.
    With this app shows battery 0 it shuts down/Switch Off but android battery is showing some random value.

    Is der any other app to get accurate battery value

    is there a way to fix android battery meter?
  3. Nageshkj

    Nageshkj New Member

    Hey Guys, except two people,,none of guys are facing this weird Problem?
    Please let us know what to do with it.. should we have to use a application to fix it?
  4. Abhiricky

    Abhiricky New Member

    can i get a different nd powerfull battery which can support it...
  5. vicky95

    vicky95 Member

    Install Super Charger V6 Script nd then any of battery app.....
    As it worked for me nd show me the true power of my Tablet

  6. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    its me facing the same problem go to service center it bcoz charger had damage
    your funbook battery
  7. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    this may be bcoz of high power charger output....
    try changing ur lesser output(3-4V)!
  8. ynraja4fun

    ynraja4fun New Member

    I m also facing this problem... Also facing another problem. while connected to charger not able to use. The problem is if we touch the screen, it is taking more than 3 or 4 time inputs. like... type letter 'a' then it is taking letters 'akwo' (randomly). Playing games are very annoying :(
  9. sharath0698

    sharath0698 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I am also facing the same problem. Switches off at 32 or 25 or something like that. Cant switch it on unless I connect it to the charger. Any ideas about what should be done?
  10. kumarvivek1

    kumarvivek1 New Member

    I do have the same problem and many other guys have the same!:)
  11. aadu

    aadu Member

    My friend go fast to service center....
  12. surjeet s

    surjeet s Active Member

    For all those having funbook switches off automatically only solution is to bring your tab to service centre & the people there will update it with latest firmware. I was having the same problem in my tab till last month but after updating now it is working very well for last 25 days. Also I met there several customers having the same problem because it is a common problem in funbook earlier software. :)
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  13. bigheart1710

    bigheart1710 New Member

    same problem with millions lol
    goto service station
    on 1st visit they will load software
    in next visit batter replaced
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