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  1. eslachance

    eslachance Member

    I did all of the searches I could think of on Google and found a bunch of people complaining (with reason) about the fact that a lot of Android phones, including the Nexus S, come with very limited controls on the headset.

    Granted, I may have been spoiled with the iPhone. But honestly, having to take my Nexus S out of my pocket just to skip to the next song is utterly annoying. I gave away my iPhone with the rest of my contract just so I could enjoy the freedom of the android, but I end up having this major flaw (amongst others) reminding me every day how Apple is just so much smoother and functional.

    I would love to have a way to simply plug in some iPhone headset and have all it's buttons and features work, or AT THE VERY LEAST, having a way to skip a song using the default headset that comes with the Nexus S.

    I'm not the only one who has this issue, and whoever comes up with a solution to this that is software-based will be everyone's hero!

  2. Sadu

    Sadu New Member

    I too would be interested to hear good alternative headsets for the Nexus S.

    I switched to a Nexus S from a Nexus One. The Nexus One headset was PERFECT. The Nexus S headset is useless - I am currently using plain earphones.

    There are 2 main issues for me...
    1. The lack of next / previous buttons means you can't skip songs. Really annoying.
    2. The "sealed plug" style of the headset - I find that while the sound quality is good, they are uncomfortable and they fall out extremely easily when doing any kind of exercise. Also they block out any other background noise which I consider a bad thing - in that when I'm on a bike ride I need to be able to hear what's happening in the world for safety reasons.

    Overall the headset is a fail.

    Can anyone recommend a Nexus S compatible headset that has next/prev controls, and is the normal style plug that stays in place and doesn't block out background noise?
  3. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Well-Known Member

    I have my old Galaxy Captivate headsets, I find a"double click" skips to the next track, a "triple click" goes back a track. I use the default music app and three only other audio app I have installed is mortplayer for my audiobooks
  4. Sadu

    Sadu New Member

    Thanks for the tip about Headset Droid.

    I ended up buying a 3rd party headset designed for the Galaxy (only has one button) and combined with Headset Droid I now have it doing what I want.

    More physical buttons would be nice, but this will do for now.
  5. mrtopp

    mrtopp Member

    Forward and back buttons for iPhone don't work.

    The middle button works with a single, double, triple click. You get used to it fast.

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