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    So after being fed-up with a shoddy battery life, especially as of late, I decided to root. After I rooted I froze all the Sprint bloatware as well as freeze all the programs I never use. My battery life increased dramatically. I would typically only make it to 4pm from an 8am workday. now I can make it late into the night.

    Thing is, at time my battery does like a sprint draining (pun not intended.) It will be 100% then if I look at my phone 15 minutes later, I'm already at 96%. Then it'll almost come to a halt and I can use my phone watching youtube vids for like 30 minutes and only lose 2-5%.

    I've attached a screenshot showing how crazy it is. When I first rooted I was at 40% life and the battery indicator said I had like 4 hours left. I rooted, froze everything I didn't use and went to nearly 14 hours. But check out the screenshot. I was at 100% about 15 minutes prior to that.

    Any ideas?

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  2. ocnbrze

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    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that's actually normal. most batteries when charging it will charge up to 100% and then it can discharge to 95% but still show 100% and that first 10-15, it will discharge to the actually battery level.

    what phone do you have? have you tried any custom kernels? you can really increase your battery life with kernels as well as performance.
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    Oh, thanks for the welcome. It's a Galaxy S3 on Sprint. Other than the root and freezing programs, it's "stock." So the battery indicator being wrong is normal saying I have only 15 minutes left?
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    LOL no the 15m on battery means that you have used 15 mins worth of battery and that you have 95% left of battery life......that part is normal.
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    You'll notice a 5-10% battery drop as the battery actually catches up to how much is in it. It lies to you when you take it off the charger... It's actually slightly below 100% and the reason it seems to drain so fast is just the battery catching up to its true charge.

    If you'd like a better explanation ill have to get to a computer :)
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    Ahhh...ok, that was the confusing part. I thought the time on battery was time remaining given how quickly it drained at times before I rooted. Sometimes I would lose 10% in under 10 minutes during the middle of the day.
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  7. chanchan05

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    That's why when gauging battery performance, you don't look at it over an hour or so. You time it from 90-100% until it reaches like 15%. Then take into account what you were doing over that time.
  8. Digital Controller

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    I would say wait a little more time until something is really off. I mean it is typical for the screen to take up most of the battery drain.

    Maybe report back to us later once you have used your device more :)
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    Hah...I've had the device since debut. Before rooting/freezing apps, the battery life has been strange in that some days with the same activity (literally none as I had 14 hr class days) some days it would make it to 4 and others it wouldn't make it to noon without being completely dead.

    After rooting and freezing everything not used...the battery is pretty consistent and much longer lasting.
  10. Digital Controller

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    That's typically how ROM's work :)

    Longer battery life!
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