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  1. Aita

    Aita Member

    OK forget all of the other joke apps that are available. Most just focus on a particular kind of joke which, while nice, can get boring rather easily. This app contains everything from one-liners to page long jokes to your mama(even chuck norris/redneck/my life sucks and more). I cannot tell you how many more hours i have stayed awake at night just reading all of this silly jokes. Personal favorite is the one liner category as there is never a shortage of good usable material to pull on your friends(or enemies if you want to get nasty). All it takes is one and your hooked for at least a good 20 minutes. Good luck getting that time back.

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  2. Funny funny, I install it yesterday, this is my second love entertaiment apps except Talking Tom Cat, The cat i play with makes me laugh to cry, but funny jokes i read let me feel funny. This is a great app really funny some bit bad great if u love a laugh [​IMG]
  3. britte34

    britte34 Member

    i changed phones and i dont know how to get back to my old profile. please help?
  4. JayLanier

    JayLanier New Member

    Great jokes! :D some are a bit old, but I guess it's hard to come up with new ones. I love the vamirize me app, and some other photo apps with face-recognition. There are some hilarious ones ! :D
  5. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    jokes are always good to have in the phone.
    I use mine to either kill time or make myself feel better when I am stressed/ angry/ sad.
    so, this one will be a keeper for me!
  6. FbNinja

    FbNinja Member

    If you are using Titanium backup, then you can restore your data. I restored my profile data using TB :beer:

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