Fusion u8650 Huawei firmware update fail.Support

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  1. robfed4

    robfed4 New Member

    I found the Huawei firmware update that comes in 2 parts, in two folders...

    NOTE: _ = / for this post


    You are supposed to use 2 SD cards. One the dload_update.app from the original dload folder and the 2nd SD should have the vendor_update.app in it's dload folder.

    I was able to use the -vol + +vol + pwr switch hold to get the phone to start it's firmware update. When the magenta progress bar almost gets to the end. It fails and freezes.

    When I remove the battery and reboot. the phone comes up with the update. But I cannot get the 2nd file to load at all.

    a. partial dload_update.app - sd card 1
    b. no load dload_update.app - sd card 2

    But the phone seems to work. But I can only connect to 2G network the 3G icon never shows.

    I would like to start over with the stock AT&T firmware, does anyone know where to get this?




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