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  1. JokerToker

    JokerToker New Member

    I have a U8652 that will not pinch zoom. I have tried multiple ROM's on it, thinking that might do the trick, but none so far have allowed pinch zoom. Ideas?

  2. SlashQuit

    SlashQuit Member

    I read somewhere that it was disabled for now due to a possible legal / patent issue.
  3. JokerToker

    JokerToker New Member

    That almost makes sense, but not really
  4. agentz28

    agentz28 Member

    this phone is on the lower end of the sales and performance spectrums. do not expect multitouch to be enabled at all in the future.

    although, it is possible.
  5. agentz28

    agentz28 Member

    i was wrong, the ZaD! ROM allows it, i just tried it and it does register up to 2 touches at once.
  6. JokerToker

    JokerToker New Member

    when you say it is possible, do you mean by altering the default.prop file?
    if so what do I look for?

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