Future phones for Virgin Mobile USA?

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  1. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Member

    I recently got a Samsung Intercept from Virgin USA and it sucked...I returned it and im debating whether i should switch carriers since Virgin has such good data deals. Are there any new Android phones for Virgin USA coming out in 2011 or should I just switch to another carrier?

  2. harvickchick

    harvickchick Well-Known Member

    I've heard some people around here talk about new ones but not seen anything official.

    What made you think it sucked?
  3. gerbetta33

    gerbetta33 Well-Known Member

    I would also like to know why you think it sucked, because I am thinking about buying this in a few days. Was it lag / sluggishness? Did it freeze up constantly? do you think that if it gets upgraded to Froyo, these problems would be fixed?
  4. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Member

    I have heard that virgin wasnt going to update it to froyo, because the processor couldnt handle flash. Many apps were very laggy and froze, the notifications bar refused to come down after using the phone for a while and i had to restart the phone, the touch keys also were very unresponsive.
  5. matismarley

    matismarley Member

    Virgin is almost certainly getting the Optimus S, which will come shipped with Froyo. I'd wait for that. I hated the Intercept and went back to my Curve 8530.
  6. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Member

    Any idea when vm will be getting the Optimus S?
  7. matismarley

    matismarley Member

    No one knows. My guess is febuary
  8. harvickchick

    harvickchick Well-Known Member

    I thought they both had the same processor?
  9. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Member

    The intercepts processor is actually faster but for all i know the intercept could get 2.2, ive just heard otherwise.
  10. hemplacrosse4

    hemplacrosse4 Well-Known Member

    Where is this information about the LG Optimus S coming to Virgin Mobile, I tried searching but did not find anything.
  11. matismarley

    matismarley Member

    The Optimus S for Sprint has a product code of LS670. The US Cellular version is US670. There is a phone with the product code VM670 that has been tested here

    Global CCF -->Certified Devices

    And here

    Wi-Fi Alliance: Product Search

    And here

    The Official Bluetooth SIG Member Website

    And ofcourse its been tested by the FCC which the link can be found on the wiki article.

    If you are wondering, "what kind of evidence is that?". Well, other LG phones that are on Virgin have "VM" in the product code. This phone IS coming to Virgin. More speculative evidence is when it was asked if it was coming on Virgin's Facebook page, they said that "we haven't released the release date yet, but when we know you will hear it here first". In most cases, they say "no", or "no we don't know of anything". So to say what he said seems to indicate that they have some knowledge of this phonje coming through the pipeline.
  12. hemplacrosse4

    hemplacrosse4 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, this will be the phone I wait for then...Verizon charges to much for plans. :cool:
  13. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Member

    Do you know if the samsung transform is coming to vm aswell?
  14. VM intercept

    VM intercept New Member

    I have the intercept on Virgin Mobile and think its GREAT but im a big fan of lg phones and have checked out the links above and lg optimus IS coming to Virgin Mobile but would like if someone has a link to WHEN thank you
  15. scrubbybubbles

    scrubbybubbles New Member

    I have had the samsung intercept on VM & i have had 0 problems with it! I love it! Its the best money on a phone i have ever spent!
  16. freedom1911

    freedom1911 Active Member

    The Samsung Intercept, is a problematic phone. The store I bought mine from still has them but does not actively push them. If some one asks for it they will sell it. But they have had so many people complain (including my self, seriously the phone sucks) and bring the phones back that they just stopped trying to sell them. The Optimus V is a much better phone and much less expensive.

    As for why the Intercept is a bad phone. Look up user reviews. There are a ton of them, and not many are good.
    For me. The phones screen was very temperature sensitive, if it was below 40 degrees the screen was almost useless. Would not respond to touch 95 percent of the time, I always had to get back in to my work truck, get the heater going and hold the phone in front of the vent to warm it back up to over 40 deg. The phone a couple times shut itself off, and there was once that the phone screen became unresponsive, ie the phone would not come out of sleep mode. You could plug it in and the screen would light up. Battery not dead, some of the keys on the key board would get a reaction from the phone but not much. Unplug the charger and the phone would go black again. Remove the battery and then put it back in and it would load back up fine.
    Some times I would select one app and another would load up. Or I would try to hang up a call and it would open a app. Stuff like that.
    It is just a bad phone. Samsung has another slider that has all the same issues but I don't remember what it is. Also I was told by a VM rep that they were getting the Samsung Galaxy this year. After reading user reviews of this phone I have come to the conclusion that Samsung does not know how to make a Android phone work.
    LG does a much better job. And if VM ever gets any HTC phones in their line up.
    They will probably clean up the market.
  17. kofman13

    kofman13 Well-Known Member

    optimus v is so much better than intercept haha and cheaper
  18. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member

    I never used Samsung Intercept phone outside so I would not know much about how it operates below 45 Degree temps. A lot of people reported this. So it is true.

    If one installs too many Apps on this phone and phone has less than 50 MB free RAM then it certainly lags. It also lags if one plays CPU heavy games. My recommendation is to always keep 50 MB RAM free on this phone. Also, use Android Assistant App from Android Market. Use Quick Boost and Auto Boost to free up the RAM. I use Go Launcher Ex to gracefully close the Apps that I do not need. Also, I turned off Haptic feedback. That helped to solve lag issue to an extent.

    If Menu, Home, Back and Search keys are not responding, I press End Call/Power button once and they come back to life. They also come back to life if I slide out the physical keyboard.

    If notification bar is not responding, I long press Home key. It displays the Apps that are currently running. Then I press back key. This unfreezes the Notification bar.

    If 3G Data connection is not working, I long press End Call/Power button. That brings up Power Menu. In there is an option for Airplane Mode. I select the Airplane Mode (turn on Airplane Mode). The phone Notification bar shows Airplane symbol. I wait 2 minutes after this. Then I press End Call/Power button again. That brings up Power Menu. In there is an option for Airplane Mode. I select the Airplane Mode (Turn off the Airplance mode).

    All in all, this phone has decent hardware. It is the Stock Android 2.1 (Eclair) that has a lot of issues. Also, Virgin Mobile USA is releasing Android 2.2 (Froyo) for this phone around 3/25/2011. That should make this phone faster. Plus, we will be able to move many Apps from phone to SD card and that should make a lot of phone RAM free.
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  19. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    Should have gotten the Optimus V if i would have waited on TMo for one month more with the Cliq (wait another month for a better less crappy Samsung Intercept)

    EDIT: 100 post :p
  20. 4ndroidtech

    4ndroidtech Active Member

    I have had the Optimus V for a little over a month now and I love it! I bought it over the intercept bc of negative things I heard about the intercept.I'm glad I did.for the money u can't beat it
  21. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member

    I would like new Virgin Mobile USA prepaid phone to have front facing camera, at least 320 x 480 screen, Separate GPU (or 1 GHz CPU), 1 GB RAM and 512 MB ROM, 3.5 Inch screen (4 Inch is big enough), Slideout physical Keyboard is a must, LED Flash, HD Video recording and viewing, EVDO Rev. A, Android 2.3

    If not we should get at least Samsung Transform and then next Samsung Epic.
  22. freedom1911

    freedom1911 Active Member

    Better phones may be coming. We will just have to be patient.
    Just remember, there are other options for android phones at low service prices.
    Like android on StraightTalk. It is expensive to get set up, but it does work because people are doing it.
    They get the unlimited service and run it on their Android phone.
    Just depends on how bad you want it, and how much your willing to spend for that android experience.
  23. samchon609

    samchon609 New Member

    i love the virgin mobile price, and call coverage and data seem fine for 3 g... but i would really like a bigger screen. either way, my wife already switched over to VM with an optimus and she seems fine.

    i am dropping my verizon plan this month, and switching... the only time i dont feel i need a bigger screen is bc i have a nook color and g tablet...

    but a big galaxy S, with front facing camera and big 4 inch screen would be tasty, but probably not 200 bucks either!
  24. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

  25. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

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