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G-BOX Rockchip 2918 Gingerbread - Really plays and outputs FullHD

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  1. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member

    Please, someone can check if the psx emulator (FPSE) and SuperGNES can be installed through market.

  2. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Just to inform that I already sold this box, not because it is a bad box; but because my Logitech Revue, as it is, is great for my needs.

    I still highly recommend this G-Box, if you need full Android features + HD quality video player (a bit audio sync issue).

    So I might not be able to help you guys testing some other features I had never experieced with this box.
  3. clamel

    clamel Member

    Hi I made the test.. the ID is 557200.. please could you help me to identify my device for find a new firmware? thank you..
  4. ftanl

    ftanl Member

  5. ftanl

    ftanl Member

    Originally Posted by bodrogi53
    Hello Guys,

    I got this unit Today
    I have chinese input layout keyboard and I could not change it to english. I did not find the keyboard input changing menu as usual on the other android tablets

    Could anyone help me if where can I find the english keyboard layout and how can I change it?


    I had the same issue, settings-keyboard/Language-changed to United States English & still get Chinese symbols for keyboard & menu options..I think it's a firmware related issue,, because the other box I have has a newer firmware & everything is fine.
  6. ftanl

    ftanl Member

  7. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

  8. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    When looking at Chinese advertisement, don't believe every pictures they show. I have to ask them to send me the real photos of what I'll get (show the opened box and sample screen displays).

    The remote I got (shown in my first post) is quite useless because it won't show cursor on screen; and pressing 4-directional keys is like tapping back/forward/up/down between menu items which could not be fulfilled on some app. At the end, I have to use my existing RF wireless keyboard/touchpad and it works very well with this box.
  9. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Though I don't have problem with the stock keyboard, I change it to Smartkeyboard pro because it has suggested words when typing. You can choose language switch between English and whatever language you want.
  10. ftanl

    ftanl Member

    How did you change it to Smartkeyboard pro? The one that works good, has sample soft keyboard in the menu & the crappy one doesn;t. most of the menu is still in chinese.

    I had the same problem with the remotes, the real cloud station remote has a cursor which would make the remote operate like a wii remote or the FV-1 google tv box..still not ideal, but 10x better then what came with this one.

    So is there any way to extract the firmware? or root these devices yet?
  11. radumx

    radumx Member

    hello @bthoven !
    I just got this toy from Hong Kong for tests,
    I read your tests and other users and I decided to ask the manufacturer some firmware changes, including:
    - a new home page screen, new keyboard, driver usb webcam (for Skype) etc,
    if anyone has done tests or other facilities included are intended to give me the news.
  12. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Hi ftanl,

    After installing Smartkeyboard Pro, you need to go to Settings/Local & Language, uncheck the stock keyboard, and check the Smartkeyboard pro.

    For the remote, the cheapest way to improve the navigation is to buy any RF wireless mouse which usually comes with a compatible usb dongle.

    Hi radumx, I may buy this box again, if it has improved firmware.
  13. alex102

    alex102 New Member

    I have bought this box, and now my nervs really needs help..
    I have tried to connect a keyboard to it with a dongle, but nothing happens..It is a 2.4 keyboard..Do I have to change any setting, or what should i do.

    And im not shure that it has bluetooth, and the edr 2,4..Does it come in two different versions.With, and without.. The guy i bought it from doesnt answer my questions..

    What keyboards do work with this one, you guys that got it working..? Does it work instantly, or does it have to "install" itself for a while...
    Its so annoying thou it would be quite an interesting little thing, but with the crappy remote it really suck..
    I need your help fellows, :eek:)

    Kind regards from Alex, and Sweden.
  14. cds03900

    cds03900 New Member


    Try putting the rf receiver in the other USB port.
    That worked for me.
    At first my keyboard didn't work but when I plugged in the RF receiver in the other USB port it worked like a charm ... I am however still stuck because my keyboard is an Azerty (Belgium) and I cannot root my device to alter the keymapping

  15. cds03900

    cds03900 New Member

    I contacted the manufacter en my reseller (Asianpads)several times but nothing so far ... not even an answer ... very poor support. The system is not bad but with some extra support I could make it great (for my use) and they would sell more units. Support in this kind of products is essential.
  16. newbot99

    newbot99 New Member


    Just received this G-Box unit. I change the Lang setting to English but any text that I selected using the remote ends up as Chinese text in, say, Google search text box or Ebay search text box? What is the root cause? What other settings do I need to change?

    Would this still be an issue if I used it with a wireless keyboard. Thanks in advance for your helps.
  17. radumx

    radumx Member

    Forget the keyboard included, installed, go keyboard !
    I talked to the manufacturer directly (want to import in Romania products) now working on a new firmware, and waiting for proposals, we have reported some bugs, for the moment a good options is change home screen and keyboard, I recommend installing the Go launcher ex, go keyboard and theme ICS (pictures attached), I hope to develop driver for webcamera as promised.

    when I have more details, return if anyone interested

    Attached Files:

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  18. everst

    everst Well-Known Member

    mai radule vezi ca nu esti singurul roman pe aici :plus ca suntem vecini prin ardeal :) incearca si tu ceva un geniatech
  19. radumx

    radumx Member

    G-BOX este peste Geniatech, procesor mai bun, android 2.3.1, acum se va face update la 2.3.4, dar update-ul nu va fi free deocamdata decat pt distrtibuitori :) eu am mai multe produse de la acelasi producator inclusiv mediaplayer cu Realtek 1186 3D media player.

    G-BOX is over Geniatech, better processor, Android 2.3.1, now will be updated to 2.3.4, but the update will be free for now just for reseller:), I have several products from the same manufacturer including Mediaplayer with Realtek 3D 1186 media player. and are open to requests
  20. everst

    everst Well-Known Member

    parerile sunt impartie,pai geniatech de mult timp are update cu versiunea 2.3.4 , oricum amandoua au nevoie de multe retusuri din punct de vedere software.
  21. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    As reported earlier, my unit has audio sync problem when playing online/offline video. Have you guys experienced the same?
  22. mafani

    mafani Member

    is there anyway then to root the device? i try to connect to a pc but have no drivers to recognize the device and i don't know where find it!
  23. KGILLA

    KGILLA New Member

    The video sync is perfect on mine. Only on the Veetle lite app I see an audio lag. I have streamed from my desktop and laptop with no issues. Tehcake, youtube, justin.tv and AVIs on SD cards are no issues all with the preloaded video player.
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  24. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Thanks KGILLA. So now only if the firmware set the output scale from the default value 160 to 240, in order to display bigger icons/fonts, then it would be a very perfect box. See what I get on the other Telechip box which stock firmware set output scale at 240


  25. radumx

    radumx Member

    I will try this weekend to do root, the device works perfectly, I got a new firmware, but for now way to update is only in Chinese, the only problem I discovered is the power of USB ports is only ~ 400 mA, leading to problems with external HDD's without external power, I have an external 2,5" HDD with USB 3.0, which connect the USB port g-box stops.
    G-Box runs perfect HD movies and serials on the Internet (test vplay.ro), without gaps, games (love Mario Android version:)) using wireless connection
    I hope to have time to do a review on youtoube

    By the way, sorry for my English, but still learn :D

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