G-BOX Rockchip 2918 Gingerbread - Really plays and outputs FullHD

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  1. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    thanks. Where did you get a new firmware from? It would be nice if you can root this box. Would like to know improvements gained from the new firmware.

    The first thing I would do after root is to adjust the output scale from 160 to 240.

  2. xmancool

    xmancool Well-Known Member


    Can you test PSX and N64 emulators and post on youtube?
  3. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    I got the G-BOX Rockchip too.
    So far the performance is good.

    One limitation, when I watching a movie, suddenly i want to pause it and asnwer phone call, but I need to press a lots in order to pause it.
    Anyway to customize a remote control key to pause/resume movie?
  4. petriella

    petriella New Member

    Sorry for my English I am using the translator. I write from Italy.
    I received the TV Box Android 2.3, from China.
    Wi-Fi crashes occasionally
    The device switches off
    Graphics ugly
    Some websites with the remote control can not be seen.
    How do I update the Android TV box?
  5. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Is it the same box as shown in the first post?
    Did you try factory reset?
  6. petriella

    petriella New Member

    It is the same identical boxes. I did restore the default settings. in your browser.
    I contacted the supplier, told me to switch browsers, but does not work the same.
    The only problem is the browser, everything else works. I do not understand why, everything works but the browser vendor no.Al I asked said that the update I will send the file.
    How do I factory setting?

  7. petriella

    petriella New Member

    After many attempts I solved the problem. I'm happy. I
    bought a keyboard and a 2.4 g mause now that works well
    Android TV boxes. I downloaded a brawser from Android
    market. now truly excellent product. I'm happy with my
    purchase. hello all.:)
  8. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Anyone rooted your G-Box?

    I want to uninstall pre-installed apps as it took a lot RAM.
  9. guscunha

    guscunha Active Member

    Hi, I have also just bought this box, the exactly same one from the very first post. I did find somewhere that the firmware can be update with a file update.zip in the sd card but I don't know exactly how to do it. I will try to find this information again and point to that direction. I tried to use the google remote control app to control this box from my mobile and it didn't work, the error message was "Google TV Box couldn't be found on your Wifi nextwork".

  10. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    I found that Wifi connection very slow. Not sure what went wrong.

    Any Android expert out there? Need your guideline to root this G-Box
  11. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Hi...the GoogleTV app is for official GoogleTV products. This G-Box is not GoogleTV, it is Android TV. So the app won't work with this box.
  12. guscunha

    guscunha Active Member

    Yep, I knew that but I hoped it would work ;).

    I found this link

    Video: Here’s how to install the Honeycomb update on your Logitech Revue | Android and Me

    and I am tempted to try this on my box. Does anyone tried to install Honeycomb? or Ice Cream Sandwich on their box?

    I am not an Android expert but I do try lots of things with android phones, new firmwares, os, etc... and I know that the firmware has to support the hardware on which you are installing it so in theory installing Honeycomb on this device should work, right? right? Please post your thoughts.

  13. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    Hi Gus,

    As you pointed out, the firmware has to support the hardware. So it will not work with G-Box ;)
  14. orefie

    orefie Member

    i found in this site a firmware for box
    but no change log

    with rk29xx-imagetools-v21 i unpacked this rom
    but i don't know change and repack

    for control this box with your phone you can tried droidmote serveur an droidmote client
    but first we must rooter this box

    sorry for my english

  15. orefie

    orefie Member

    it's fun my g-box is rooted:D
  16. mafani

    mafani Member

    Whats the way to root the G-box?

    i try once but my computer didn't have the drivers when i connect the device...

    or i have to copy on a SDcard and root from there?

    thanks man
  17. orefie

    orefie Member

    copy the update.img on sd and boot
    don't need your pc

  18. orefie

    orefie Member

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  19. hotlink

    hotlink Member

    Yes, updated and rooted. Thanks orefie
  20. radumx

    radumx Member

    Hi all,
    I received updates from the manufacturer (EC Technology Shenzhen), those who want to update the firmware, you have attached two files, copy both the sdcard in the main directory, start the G-box, then insert the SD card , the device recognizes the update and ask for confirmation, if all goes well after about 10 minutes update is ready, install and keyboard attached, and the settings as default pass it,
    This update resolve some bugs, has several applications in addition, is still working on it (I asked a driver for webcam for use with Skype)
    for the moment can not be root filesystem is different.

    Attached Files:

  21. hotlink

    hotlink Member

  22. Riki62

    Riki62 New Member

    Hi everyone.
    For radumx: can you give us update files.
  23. mafani

    mafani Member

    now my device lose wifi conection after few minutes working. If i go to reconnect from the settings the wifi conection give me Error and is impossible to activate.

    any ideas?

  24. orefie

    orefie Member


    the wifi is strange but with a static ip, works fine
    i tried the visio on reelportal
    with a logitech e3500 video it's ok (it's great for a usb webcam))
    but the song don't work
  25. radumx

    radumx Member

    update is attached to the link posted above, I installed the firmware posted hotlink is ready root, with some small touches go ok. The WI-FI works OK
    @Orefie, have connected a webcam and go (E3500)?

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