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G-BOX Rockchip 2918 Gingerbread - Really plays and outputs FullHD

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  1. mipepim

    mipepim Member


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  2. Bangalter

    Bangalter Member

    Great job, Clamel. I am spanish, and more os less I understand the manual. Do you know if it's possible to remove some memory tasks?. I think there are a lot of trash filling the memory.

    And now, in Italian/Spanish.

    Buono laboro, Clamel. Io soy spagnolo, y comprendo il manuale.
  3. clamel

    clamel Member

  4. Bangalter

    Bangalter Member

    I've reading the guide slowly, and I've realised your TV-Box is ATV2918, that is different of our rk2918. Maybe, your CPU manufacturer is "Amlogic", but our manufacturer is "Rockchip".

    I bought (and I think all the people here too) this model:

    Android TV G-Box ATV-S12 - Android 2.3 - RockChip RK2918 ARM Cortex A8 [ AP-ATV-ATV-S12 ] - AsiaPads

    Is the same as yours?.

    Thank you very much.
  5. sara elmoghazy

    sara elmoghazy New Member

    hi all ,

    i have a major issue please , i have put rooted firmware in sdcard and the device after boot from it didn't work (the device is break)...

    any help please...
  6. mipepim

    mipepim Member

    just do with stock firmware again same process, probably wrong rooted fw:)
  7. sara elmoghazy

    sara elmoghazy New Member

    mipepim : no , i'm trying to boot from any update.img but it does not work , the device itself open for amoment and close again , i think it does not rooted from sdcard , any advise?
  8. mipepim

    mipepim Member

    try with with *post 126. Its pc update you must have usb male/male !
    1.did you try with reset/on backside near power suply/turn off, hold reset, power on and see whats happen
    2.sd card format on FAT with panasonic SDFormatter/sd card 2gb/ if not, try with FAT32 and change sd card /transcend, not always Kingstone, its 70% fake/
  9. mipepim

    mipepim Member

  10. clamel

    clamel Member

    My box is also based on rockchip rk2918.. it is not the same as yours, but it is probable the way to manage firmware are similar.. I write my procedure after reading some procedure's for tablet based on rk2918, and the operations to do are the same..
  11. yric39

    yric39 Member

    There are some Android Rokchip 2918 boxes with different base fw on a china market and no each custom fw is right for other box. It depends on what base fw a custom one was made. What was loading logo on your box? G-box or R-box? How many USB ports are on your box?
    You need male to male usb cable for unbrickihg. If you have R-box, I shall give you my custom fv.
  12. mindsurfer

    mindsurfer Member

    Please advice how to manage market problem - after changing LCD density I can't download apps from market. I guess this is due to compatibility, market thinks that app can't be executed using not standard screen
  13. sara elmoghazy

    sara elmoghazy New Member

    my problem is i'm was using this G-box firmware(rooted) , and the device boot from this firmware and i shut download in middle , after that the device didn't up again , my device if (G-box) ??
  14. yric39

    yric39 Member

    Try S12 firmware from Android Tv
    It helped me in such a case. But I flashed it not by sd card, I used male to male cable and RokTool software.
  15. yric39

    yric39 Member

    Nobody help before you say what kind of box you have.
  16. guscunha

    guscunha Active Member

    which app cant you download?
  17. Bangalter

    Bangalter Member

    In the web, it appears as rooted firmware. Is this true?. Is it better than factory firmware?.

    Thank you.
  18. mindsurfer

    mindsurfer Member

  19. mindsurfer

    mindsurfer Member

    Is it completely rooted (read/write) ?
  20. yric39

    yric39 Member

    If you have your initial FW, you can try any other. If not, ask your seller. In this case you can allways unbrick your device.
    As for check for root, use rootchecker.apk from Market. You must download supperuser.apk too.
  21. mafani

    mafani Member

    with LCD density uninstalled the market works again?

    which value is configured in the app?
  22. Danielson

    Danielson New Member

    Hi all,

    I got one of these of ebay about 2 weeks ago now and overall I'm pretty happy with it and what I might be able to do with it.
    I have attempted a couple of different firmwares but have only had success using the USB cable method and the S12 firmware listed earlier on in this thread. I actually managed to brick it using the SD card method but brought it back with the toolkit provided with the S12 firmware.

    I have also heard that Ice Cream Sandwich is being released for the RK2918 chipsets that these use I believe? so hopefully that comes soon...although to be honest I wouldn't5 imagine it will provide much more for us.

    I'm looking to use this as my media center to replace an HTPC I have running W7MC with all the extras. Really keen on getting XBMC for android when its released!!!

    I have run MKV's at 720p and 1080i using Mobo player which produced the best results. Picture was always perfect however is does not pass through audio over HDMI to my AMP to decode.

    Happy times
  23. maja69

    maja69 Member

  24. seblard

    seblard Member

  25. mindsurfer

    mindsurfer Member

    Yes, after uninstalling market works ok

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