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  1. dudleesmuk

    dudleesmuk Well-Known Member

    i just got a LG Apex (US740). I can not play G.I.F. files. I get the first pic of the series, that is all for the pic files. I will be able to hear any audio that is sent with the file. Can some one please help me? thanks in advance! :D

  2. I didnt know gif files can play audio, considering they are pictures.
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  3. dudleesmuk

    dudleesmuk Well-Known Member

    im sorry. i meant i get the audio file that is sent with a gif. but i get only the first pic of the gif. do you know how i can fix this? ty
  4. Is this from a text or an email?
  5. dudleesmuk

    dudleesmuk Well-Known Member

    the ones i get are from text. i have gotten them from multiple people and none work. all do the same. i have never been able to recieve gif files. had phone for a week. first droid. do i have wrong settings or is this a deeper problem. ty
  6. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Android doesn't really support animated GIF files. HTC Sense sort of supports it. It will play the images in a sequence in the photo viewer. Still nowhere close to OS-wide support though. One lame thing about an otherwise good OS.
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  7. dudleesmuk

    dudleesmuk Well-Known Member

    wow! any ideas where to post os need to suport gif files? ty also
  8. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    I thought I might chime it. I was following this issue on Google's Andorid bug/requests page. With 2.2 Animated GIFs are supported within the browser, but not in the text app. I have no idea why.
  9. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    I agree with the above poster. I have however had a couple of animated gifs open and play when I load them up off my memory card but they don't animate anymore.
  10. Elemee

    Elemee New Member

    It appears to me that Android doesn't support animated gifs. This seems an amazingly stupid thing unless there is some reason that such a decision mas made in Android's design. Security? Resources? I cannot find out the WHY of this, and most posts just talk about rooting and working around, which I am not interested in doing. I love my Android phone (Samsung) but I just posted an animated gif on the front page of my website and all my devices (chrome on win7 computer, ipad, etc) show if perfectly but not my Android phone. I'd love to know WHY this is, if anyone out there has an idea....

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