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  1. gberland

    gberland Member

    NEED HELP! When i attempt to use the market or sync my motorola charm to my google account i have the usual login to google account thing, but when i do this it says "your phone needs to communicate with google servers to set up your account. this may take up to five minutes, after a few mins i get an error saying "cant establish a reliable data connection to the server." "this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. if this continues call customer care." or sometimes i have to type a word in, i done this 10-15 times but each time it just makes me do it again.. everything else on the phone works fine but i am unable to sync my google account, any help would be great! thanks!
    I have called telus and they don't know why this is happening so I just don't know what to do!!?? I have not once been able to access the market since i have gotten the phone !!!!

  2. BColeKid

    BColeKid Member

    Did you figure this out? Are you signed up for a Motorola Blur account (should be registered under Settings - Accounts)? The phone doesn't function well if you are not signed into Blur.

    You might want to consider resetting the phone to factory settings. Settings - Privacy - Privacy - Factory Data Reset. But be warned, you will lose most everything on your phone.
  3. gberland

    gberland Member

    after like 8 months i figured it out !! lol when it was asking me to enter my google account it was entering metisboy01 and was never adding @google.ca or whatever the host name is lol works fine now and i can get APPS still might consider getting an HTC

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