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  1. jaysin1514

    jaysin1514 Member

    will we ever get an update?unlocked bootloader? 2.3? 4.0? anything? this cant be the end..

  2. lancaster09

    lancaster09 Member

    Or can it? We didn't make the list of updatable devices for ICS on the first round!!!! I mean LG only has one tablet on the market and they can't even provide upgrades for that? I am convinced that I will never buy another LG product again. Not only the upgrades bother me but the fact that they are not lobbying on our behalf with major developers like Gameloft. The hardware is pretty great and I probably cant complain about that but the LACK OF SUPPORT is killing me... seriously the little android in my brain is hurt by this...
  3. Moabizzi

    Moabizzi New Member

    check out g-slate fans forum if you already havent, just google it, we got a bunch of devs over there working on stuff. they have a IRC channel where you can talk to devs, and if your a dev yourself collaborate with them. i hear they are working on a CM9/ICS hybrid for us, and i know for a fact they have CWR working on our G Slate.

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