G-Tablet Windows Phone 7 Style Interface! :)

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  1. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    G-Tablet / Android Windows Phone 7 Style Interface! :)

    theme1.jpg sucker.punch.jpg

    *** You can download these themes below for free! ***

    Wonder what people think of this, have done this to my G-Tablet and thought I'd share and also wonder what people think!?

    I'm not going to go through every single setting, it's pretty straight forward once you play with the programs listed below.

    The basic premise is...

    1. Install below programs.

    2. Set ADW Launcher to display a screen of 8 cols and 9 rows. (This will make the pictures sit properly)

    3. Download my images below! :)

    4. The font I used is Droid San Serif, which available through Google, search this, "droid san serif google web fonts". Should be first one.

    5. My images measurements are 'Horizontal' are 502Wx157H, 'Vertical' are 157Wx428H. If you want make your own!

    6. Use Desktop Visualizer to add the images to the screen, then resize them, just use any size to start with and then resize using the Long Press Edit function.

    7. Set the link to the Smart Shortcuts, system tool or other application. Smart Shortcut can link to it's own virtual folders for all your games, etc.

    8. Fiddle with it til your are happy, and enjoy! :)

    Required Software!

    * ADW Launcher.

    * Desktop Visualizer.

    * Smart Shortcuts.

    * Install for 'Smart Shortcuts', "File Manager", you are automatically prompted to install this, do it! :) (This is needed to create bookmarks to actual folders on SDCards, which then are usuable.)

    * Extended Controls, for reboot etc, due to space limitations only presently, not really required.


    * Later I might reconfigure til the images are larger and cover more of the screen.

    * You can hide the dock with a ADW Setting, but just safer to have it there, just incase for time being if something goes screwy! :)

    * Sometimes the images are a little blury... not sure what's causing this, but is fairly minor, as I'm pretty particular and it's ok by me! Sorry, if I figure out why... I let you know!

    Would love your feedback and please post pictures if you end up doing something similar! :)

    Download... Theme1 (Pictured Above!)

    View attachment theme1.zip

    Download... Sucker Punch Movie Theme (Pictured Above!)

    View attachment sucker.punch.zip

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  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Wow. That looked like it took a lot of time but it sure does look nice. Does ADW lose any kind of smoothness when applying all those screen images, shortcuts etc?

    Very nice job Aardvark.

    You should make a vid.
  3. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Mate, mostly measuring took the time, changing the pictures in the theme is easy, but I use a fairly old program called, Adobe ImageStyler, great program, has been discontinued since about 2002 I think, but am happy to share the template, if anyone already has that program! (I know I should do everything in the latest and greatest Photoshop, LOL!)

    No slowdown runs great, just every picture is a button, to open whatever you like! I had meant to list the programs, etc that I link too... might have to append!

    If you or anyone sincerely has a go at implimenting this, then I'm happy to do a theme for you or anyone, if you want specific pictures just send me links! :)

    Cheers, Aardvark!
  4. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    Ok... back to the drawing board not exactly inspired anyone have I? Sorry! Are people looking for more functions or what? Or where people expecting an entire application to almost do it for them? Just curious! :)
  5. ralphtrent

    ralphtrent Well-Known Member

    These look really cool, but I am completely lost on how to apply/create the theme. Im pretty good at the adb stuff, but not this.

    I have downloaded theme1.zip, ADW Launcher, Desktop Visualizer and Smart Shortcuts.

    Can you offer any links or steps on what to do next?

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  6. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Just looking into making a video on my G-tablet and if I'm able too I'll post a video on youtube, possibly within the next couple of days!

    In the meantime, the zip just contains pictures that will be the core of the theme, ie: we'll arrange the pictures on the screen and then create buttons out of them, to launch an application or folder, very much like a windows shortcut, but prettier and cool looking!

    So I'd suggest installing ADW Launcher, Desktop Visualizer and Smart Shortcuts and then switching to ADW Launcher as your default G-tablet launcher, play with Desktop Visualizer and see that it is just a widget maker from whatever picture you like, and you can make that launch a game or similar, try doing that with say Angry Birds, then as by default the g-tab is a bit limited in the way you can launch things we use Smart Shortcuts to add extra functions, like if you want to link directly to your wifi settings with smart shortcuts you can!

    Have a play and see what you can come up with, while I prep a video! :)

    Thanks for the feedback too! :)
  7. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I can't find away to make a video directly from the G-tablets screen, if anyone knows how... let us know!
  8. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I don't think that's possible unless you get a dock with HDMI out. Then get a portable DVR record it, then take the file an upload it. haha. However, if you can just take a vid using your phone and upload it so we can see how it looks on the gtab, that would be awesome.

    Your instructions are already very detailed, IMO. And I believe it should suffice.

    Do you think the dimensions would change if I used the VTL launcher rather than plain ADW? Honestly, I'm waiting for the new Vegan GB update before I start setting up my desktop. I know the next update should have HW acceleration incorporated with the new build and hopefully Gojimi can figure out how to get the new version of Gingerbread to port with a working Gtalk Vid chat.
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  9. Aardvark1971

    Aardvark1971 Well-Known Member

    There's now a video on YouTube at this address, hopefully this clarifies anything for people! Enjoy! Me Hopes!

    Here's the video! Not sure who this nefarious fellow, BladeDragonLord is but it's on his account, LOL! (What people on the net don't always call themselves the same things at different sites!!! Shock, Horror!)

    YouTube - Android WP7 Style Theme Tutorial.

    Hope this helps!!! :)

    Not sure about VTL Launcher yet, I did install it after you spoke about it, and it will void your awp7 theme, so you'll have to build it again, and the dimensions are different, however I'll have a play over the next few days and see what info I can share, it will work but it may require different icon rows / cols to ADW Launcher, etc.
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