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  1. aprilnicole

    aprilnicole New Member

    So I had to do a whole system reset on my DROIDX about a week ago and I had G-tunes the day before I had to do the restore I had downloaded the update for G-tunes but never really payed attention to the name that they changed it to..I'm pretty sure it started with an "A" but not absolutely 100% but I do know for sure it was an orange icon instead of green! Could anyone help me please on what they changed the name to?! Thanks in advance!:D

  2. eraste

    eraste Member

    only one i could find after lookin is
    GTunes Music free download for Android

    I had one also called G tunes with an orange app on homescreen i to lost it in a re install. Looked on market I think Google took it off. Not sure.

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