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G1 1.6 update official!!!!!!!!!!!!General

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  1. Renton

    Renton Member

    The Official Word is that the G1 is going to get the 1.6 update AKA donut tonight ..Although some people have gotten the update as of September 30 2009....A lot of us are still waiting ..Could be tonight or In a couple more days but the update is official and we are getting it THANKS T-Mobile and Google!

  2. Renton

    Renton Member

    OK Here is Official Word From T-Mobile For The Skeptics!!!:
    The rollout of Android 1.6 (Donut) to T-Mobile
  3. Renton

    Renton Member

  4. True! I woke up and saw the update waiting for me Saturday the 3rd. It's great!

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