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G1, $100 Off at Costco, w/coupon, March 16 - April 5, '09General (Browse All)

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  1. webby

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    For those of you in the market for a G1 (or have friends on the fence who are), if you are Costco members, or can go with someone who is (guests can shop with Costco members -- I don't know if they can avail themselves of this cell phone deal), I just got the latest coupon book in the mail from Costco and here is the deal:

    T-Mobile G1 is $100 off instantly with 2-year activation or $60 off instantly with 2-yr qualified upgrades. Includes Bonus Bluetooth Headset. Also, all cell phones bought at Costco that we have ever bought (which is a lot), including my G1, include a car charger and usually a case. I originally bought my G1 there, don't use a Bluetooth headset, so sold that on ebay for $25 (included shipping)

    Last I saw at Costco, the G1 was $179.99, so with this coupon, would make it $79.99, plus all the extra goodies, which makes it a sweeter deal even than the Amazon special.


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