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  1. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    I've had my G1 for over a year and a half now and i know pretty much of all the standard things to do to keep battery life to a max. I have always kept wifi, bluetooth, data sync and GPRS OFF and my brightness has always been 0%. I did use 2G but thought as i have everything else off i might as well go 'wild' with 3g. Oh n i have always had Task Killer and always kill my apps.

    I usually charge my fone overnight (yh bad i knw) on either mains plug or USB from the laptop. The battery use to last me for 8-10hours on making a few calls, 50-70 text, 20mins internet, and running the odd few apps like pingchat, shazam, a game etc. Even if 8hours was bad it was okish....

    Recently something really strange happened out of the blue. A few days back I looked at my fone and it had half battery, 10-15mins later it was on red. I thought maybe i saw the battery wrong but no. Since then it has got worse and i have no idea whats doing it. Leaving my battery charging over night im getting around 2-3hours. This afternoon i took my battery off charger at 2pm and by 3.30 it was orange and then red within minutes. All i used was synced emails (then turned off) and had a few convos on PINGCHAT.

    Ive let my battery die totally to calibrate it in the past and just dont understand what has happened suddenly. I dont use many big apps, ones running are Handcent, App lock, Ping, Slideit keyboard and the reset pretty much stock.

    Only thing i did recently was try using Z4root. I rooted it and unrooted it cos i wasnt sure what to do after with roms etc.

  2. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    NOTE: just realised that when not using the fone its holding charge ok....does it seem like something is using the battery alot?

    When ive checked the battery usage before i have noticed CPU being 100% but its not now...hmm

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