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G1 crashes after failed root.

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  1. braydee89

    braydee89 New Member

    Hi, first post here.

    A few weeks ago I was attempting to re root my phone using a method suggested on cyanogenmod's forum. Once realizing I couldn't continue without using an SD card reader (Which I don't have) I decided to give up for the time being. The phone was still working so I didn't feel the need to rush into it again.

    Since then, my g1 has been crashing really consistently, any time I open an app. If the phone is taken off charge I can't make calls or open messages for fear of the phone crashing. Once it crashes it needs at least 30 mins before I can turn it back on.

    If you guys have had any similar experiences or know what this issue is/how to fix it. I'd really appreciate it.


  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    I think the card reader is needed even for the first step. In which step have you stopped? Have you tried factory reset or wipe?

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