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    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Invisible Sheild by Zagg.com Review

    Big screen, glossy plastic and pretty visuals, all these things come with the T-Mobile G1, and if you value your device, then you know that protection is something worth purchasing. I recently decided to purchase the invisible shield made by Zagg.com so that I can review it and bring it to you guys and at the same time, save you some money if it doesn’t live up to the hype. Although many people have purchased it and seem to love it, I for one thought it wasn’t living up to the hype.

    I started by applying the shield to the front of the phone. It went by smoothly, no real issues and the included products (squeegee and shield spray) really helped along the way. After I was done with the front, it was time to tackle the back of the phone. This where the problems began. I did manage to get it on, but only after reseating it 3 or 4 times and to make things worse, the shield spray was depleted rather quickly. The problem that I had was that it wouldn’t match up to the corners, so it would keep coming off, and all the round edges made the installation even more difficult. I ended up stretching the material slightly and it made things even worse. Of course, you might have some experience in this type of thing, not to say I don’t have any, but the difficulty is rather high.

    After the installation I noticed that it had a very rubbery texture. I chalked it up as a temporary thing that would go away with time. Well its been well over the 24 hour period that the instructions ask for “curing” the shield and it still seems to be the same. The rubbery texture is really annoying when you try and touch the screen because it gives some kind of resistance to the free, sliding motion the screen, without a shield, would give you. I was hoping it would be some kind of plastic and not a rubber type element, but that’s not where the oddities end. There is some kind of “orange peel” effect it created on the device. I was hoping it would be invisible, like the name of the product, but it’s far from it. From a distance, it can easily be seen and in broad day-light it is even more prominent. Although not much of a problem, It can aggravate some people, especially those coming from a prettier device, like an iPhone, not that the G1 was handsome to begin with but why add fuel to the fire.

    I didn’t feel too bad, being the price I paid was only 17$ shipped to my office, with various coupons circulating the inter webs, I’m sure you will also be able to attain it at my price. Although there are a few competitors for this kind of product, I went with what was recommended, so I cannot really give a comparison based on other products.

    All in all, the shield DOES work. It’s very tough and durable and made of a very high quality material. The fitment was perfect, except for my issue I stated above. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone, but also warn them of the short comings. That being said, I would give this a 7 outta 10.



  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the candidness even though they are clearly a big sponsor. That's good to know about AF.

    I actually still have the plastic shield that shipped with the device on my main screen.

    I wonder who makes those and where I could get another one? It is really great!
  3. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I just ordered a couple today. I hope I am not regretting my decision soon.... :(
  4. cNo7

    cNo7 Well-Known Member

    the corners for the back piece were a big pain for me. i'll probably just trim them off. I agree that the spray depleted rather quickly. Their site says it "may take a few tries" to seat the shield, so why not supply us with a greater quantity of spray? Aside from the back piece, the rest was pretty cut and dry. I don't care much for the orange-peely glossy appearance, but hey, if it protects my G1, I'll deal with it!

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    This is just "my" review of the product. :)
  6. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    I NEED PICTURES!!!111 lol

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    I know, i know...give me time. I will post pics in about 2 hours (when i get off work)
  8. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Damn Pacific time zone...I get off in 23 minutes!:D

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

  10. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    ^^^Did you mean to put pics there?

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Im only allowed to post 10 pictures per post. So i had to create another. Care to move it up? :D
  12. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    You're talking to the wrong mod. This isn't my turf. lol
  13. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman Well-Known Member

    bodyguardz worked well for me.. but the back did give me some trouble. Those air bubbles do eventually work themselves out. ive had mine on for about a week now and most of the bubbles have come out but there are still 1 or 2.

    no orange tent either..
  14. jvcjbl

    jvcjbl Active Member

    For those of you who are running out of the spray solution... you can add water (bottled, reverse osmosis, deiodized, high quality) to the bottle and shake it up... there is enough residual solution left to refil the sprayer about 2 more times. The bottle that comes in the kit shown above is the same size that came with my fully body wrap for my 17" MacBook Pro and I had like 75% left and I tend to over spray my parts.. I can only imagine how drenched everyones are if they are running out on a small phone.. LOL
  15. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

    Received mine a few days ago.

    You mention a 'a very rubbery texture', does anyone else feel this way?
    Also, I notice a large amount of lint clinging to your phone, is that common, due to the very rubbery texture?
  16. sajj

    sajj Active Member

    dang, really debating if i should pick this up or not!! ><
  17. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    DUDE!!! Is those scuffs on your new G1? Oh the shame!!:eek: The HORROR!!! :eek:
  18. cNo7

    cNo7 Well-Known Member

    haha yah. I work in a body shop and if I rest my newly wrapped phone in the top of my tool box for 30 mins...it will have collected a fair amount of bondo dust, lint, and whatever else floats in the air of my shop. Thankfully a quick wipe and it's clear again.
  19. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Flatman is not that impressed... :(

    Maybe it just looks bad because you are so zoomed in??

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    The rubbery texture is something i was not anticipating. But its there and its somewhat annoying. It seems to pic up all the trash and lint/hair/dust bunnies it can. But you can wipe it down and have no issues.

    I would, its cheap enough and it works great, if you can overcome the short comings.
    My phone is flawless. There are some factory defects like my back plate being flimsy and some creeks here and there, but other than that, its flawless.

    I zoomed in a lot cause i was sick of seeing peoples pictures that were crappy and blurry. So i decided to take the absolute best quality i can. Shows what the phone REALLY looks like with the shield on.
  21. Vivid

    Vivid Well-Known Member

    there are two other brands (bodygardz and Best Skin Ever) personally I went with Bodygardz cause I could not really find any neg reviews... IS has orange peel issues (as seen in the pics above) and BSE has corners that lift...
  22. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Best shields ever, or best skins ever? I ordered mine from bestskinsever...

    They were cheap, if nothing else. $5.99.
  23. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    ** OFF TOPIC **

    I think the item that has protected my past devices more than any other is the wrist strap. I am upset HTC didn't offer that crevice/bar for those that want one.
  24. Vivid

    Vivid Well-Known Member

    sorry I miss typed and got IS mixed up with BSE

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Agreed! Ive gone thru 2 different devices now from HTC and they dont offer such a thing. One thing that i have been noticing is the decline of quality from HTC. Im sure they are having problems manufacturing at such high volume ever since they started to release such awesome phones, but they always come broken in some small way and form. Its getting a little old.

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