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  1. rift612

    rift612 New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I 've had a G1 for a couple of years now ( just rooted and running cyan-6), and though I love it, can't justify the cost. I was looking at this Samsung Intercept at Target, and one of the d-bag salesmen warned me off of it, saying I would not be happy with it as Virgin Mobile's sprint network is scaled back and lousy.
    First off is that true? Or are the 3g speeds decent?
    2nd, I have an Archos 101 on the way (snagged one today finally) is this Android the same as far as tethering and stuff?
    3rd- Does anyone use a SIP app like Handcent to keep minutes low?
    well, thanks a lot!
    -Rift R. Rift

  2. one80oneday

    one80oneday Well-Known Member

    Internet speeds are a little slower than I was used to with Sprint but I don't need it to be blazing fast or anything. Apps update quickly, I get all my emails, youtube works pretty well... that's all I need. I haven't tried tethering yet but there's no reason it wouldn't work if you're rooted with the right kernel. The G1 with cyan is probably a little better than the ROMS the Intercept have now and we're still waiting for Android 2.2/2.3. I haven't really looked into VOIP because there doesn't seem to be an easy, free way about doing it yet and I hardly use any mins. I'm hoping Viber VOIP comes to Android to make things easier.
  3. TxTazDad

    TxTazDad Member

    been tethering with my Intercept (like right now) & no mods on the phone at all & it works very well. The only exception is at work, but everyone there has reception issues due to the bldg. we're in. I am actually quite surprised at the page load speeds, I really expected much slower. I am quite pleased. ( So is my wife, she wants one like mine asap)
  4. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    Whatchoo usin to tether with? Is there a free app (not pdanet). Thanks!
  5. TxTazDad

    TxTazDad Member

    Sorry, using PDANet, works well enough I haven't bothered looking at anything else.
    (Tethering to my Dell Latitude D820, WIn 7 Ultimate 32bit)
  6. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    LOL My trial already expired when it definitely didn't work, so now I can't trial it again unless I wanna pay (I assume), and since I only want tethering to do work work (you know, like worky work), that idea doesn't appeal to me too much. Also I can't do anything too hinky since it's a work pc. Plus, I try to maintain my hinkylessness in general.
  7. TxTazDad

    TxTazDad Member

    From their website:Note: Once trial expires, you can continue using PdaNet for free. The only difference is that free edition blocks secure web sites.

    If you're using it for work, probably a good chance your having to access secure sites, I notice it's on sale right now so I'll probably pony up the cost since to read my work email it's a secure site.

    Not sure why it didn't work for you either, only problem I ran into was the first time use & all I had to do was cycle the power on the phone with the USB connected & it started working, works normally now with no issues.
  8. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that's interesting! Maybe I gave up too easy. :)

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