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  1. EDIT - I was breaking the rules! I'll make a big long post and hope I'm in guidelines. These are from a blog, so I apologize if the context is a bit off. Anyway, enjoy.

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    It’s been two full days since I adopted Andrea the Android (that’s right) and things have been truly wonderful in our enchanting, though complicated, relationship thus far. If you’ll listen, I’d like to tell you about them. If I made a seven page post, no one would read it. So I’m going to go ahead and break them down into multi-post chunks. Let’s begin, shall we?

    First off, the battery life is garbage. Let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. All the tweets, reviews, and blog posts you’re reading about it are completely true. Day one, I had e-mail active sync and 3g enabled all day. After a solid 3 hours of high use (as to be expected), I was looking at 20% and a “plug me in!” warning. In it’s defense, I really didn’t give the phone a moment to gasp for air, as I was too busy frantically scanning every barcode in my house and testing Shazam’s accuracy with 80s hair metal. After reading some guides and other user’s experiences, I began the tweaking to increase my battery life tenfold.

    • Decrease brightness to about 10%. The screen still looks gorgeous, even outside.

    • Change backlighting to 30 seconds. Not sure how big of a factor this one was, but I’m sure it helped.

    • Turn syncing off on all options. I don’t use these features exclusively anyway.

    • Enable 2G networks only. I get perfect 3G signal from my apartment and work building, but this is by and large the lead culprit in the molestation of the battery.
    With 14 hours of medium/moderate use, I had 48% battery left on the grid at 10:00pm. This is an astonishing change from the day prior and from what most users are reporting. It is worth noting, however, that I did calibrate the battery the night before. I used the phone until it died and refused to boot up and gave it a 9 hour charge. It’s hard to say how much good it did in conjunction with my previous tweaks, but something must have gone right.

    Now, just sitting in my pocket on standby, the phone uses about 1-2% an hour as opposed to around 5-8%. As noted earlier, enabling 3G causes the phone to bounce between that and EDGE while in standby, which is certainly the leading factor in battery drain.

    I’m quite a happy camper now, as my G1 is still at 95% as we speak after two and a half hours of constant text messaging my girlfriend about why Godzilla shoots lasers rather than fire. Stay tuned for further updates throughout the day. Next, let’s go ahead and tackle the rest of the hardware.

    How’s your battery holding up? What tweaks have you done to increase your battery life?

    -Trevor Smith.

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    Good reviews. If you want, you can use spoiler bbcodes to hide them individually. Would be a perfect use! [ Hide ] a review here [ /hide ] minus the spaces. Try it out!
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    The design of the HTC G1 has been quite a controversy for the past couple of months. We saw spy shots, speculation, and plenty of iPhone comparisons. They made some bold choices with the hardware, like using a capacitive touch screen and a nonstandard headphone jack which have thrown many early adopters off the bandwagon. It features a slide out QWERTY keyboard and a trackball, unlike the
  4. [Crossposted from HERE]

    Google Android. What a step in the right direction. An inconsistent user interface, slow-loading applications, and a thirst for battery power. Android is touted as a ground breaking mobile OS that​
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    If you
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    Democrats are liberals, the party of fairness. Control, Control, Control.

    Quoting gewgluvr who was right on - Huh? I thought that libs needed everything preloaded, with no bugs or errors included. Everything under tight control under a higher authority, including the battery. Having to be dependent on others to create apps for them and then pay for it from the ITunes god.

    The Android is a right wingers phone. A person full of creativity and the belief that today's effort will be worth the wait down the long road.

    Alright I'm not trying to start a flame, just goofing around.

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