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G2 battery life while bluetoothing musicGeneral

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  1. PumpDrivrx

    PumpDrivrx Well-Known Member

    Hi Fans, would any one know about how much use you can get out of the G2 battery while bluetoothing music ?

    My thought is to buy a wireless gamer headset, to use riding around on my bike and if the G2 set can handle upto 1-2 hours of ride time, wondering will the bluetooth sux the battery life down quicker than that, its not likely worth me spending the cash if otherwise.

  2. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong, but i'd imagine if the phone can handle some of the heavy use i've thrown at it a couple hours of bt music(after a full charge) shouldnt kill the battery
  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I use a different phone but I BT tunes all day most every day without any significant battery drain. I would think it would be much the same for you. I LOVE my BT stereo headsets and my phone for streaming music.

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