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Support G2 Keyboard shortcut problem.

  1. marrocco

    marrocco New Member

    I've had my G2 for awhile now and this problem has been happening for the past few months. Whenever I go into landscape mode and type in any app or program ( messaging, browser, facebook ) instead of typing the corresponding letter. The keys go to pre assigned shortcuts. This has made using the keyboard basically useless. Does anyone have any ideas on the cause to this problem and any fixes?

  2. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    If a reboot doesn't fix it, tap the search captive button.
  3. davessi

    davessi Member

    I have a very similar problem. it seems like the center part of my screen has gone dead in landscape mode. I cannot access the G and V keys or anything in that area will not read correctly. basically the G and V keys are dead to me...email or messaging. any thoughts on that problem?
  4. idashi

    idashi New Member

    OP this was happening to me when I try to use the physical keyboard...

    what I did was go into settings -->applications --> quick launch, then disable all of them.

    I hope they can come up with an update for this.
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  5. noizyme

    noizyme Member

    Thank you for this. I was having the same issues. :D

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