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  1. oneponyshow42

    oneponyshow42 Member

    This is the voice to text from a voicemail i got after talking to Google tech support about the fameous "MIA" 2GB. Read and tell me if you think they are saying what I think they are saying...

    *note* some editing for employee protection. No time wasted editing Google Voice [​IMG]

    Hi *** This *** again I'm sorry I was able to reach, I won't be able to call back again. But I do want to give you a court we did on your phone now to do it here on the voicemail. Basically what the the reps is supposed to get together with some of our technical spec guys and what we think is going on on that. G. 2 is that there is about. 2 gig cap of information that's available on that phone that's not gonna be available for applications that you downloaded onto the phone itself. And so what is going out of the for this is of course out of the 4 gig available to come to the phone itself as we believe that is available for the upgrade to the rear of the the next release of the Adroit to the 3.0 version. And win that does come out. You know that that extra space would be available to use that and it's being reserved for that purpose and that's why you see the limitation of the 1.2 gigabyte that's on the phone itself. But don't worry about it again. We do believe the draw it in the G 2 is working the way it should be. And again, I'm, I do m interested to know about the about the application. If you if you did put the forget card as the *** at continue to work and also i wanna know. Does the mid those the app blood. Get it. Does he have to go on to the memory card. I would like to know if if that particular apt goes on to your memory card with you do it, so if you could call back and what that that those kinds of pieces of information. I'd appreciate it if you can just tell him that you'd like to have somebody to update the article that I opened called. She 2 ma'am reissued. And this tell him the response to my questions and I appreciate it. Thank you very much talk again. That number is ***. My name is *** at the with the P, D 8 department. Thank you ma'am appreciate your time. Bye.

  2. xzillerationer

    xzillerationer Well-Known Member

    But, seriously, it's THE GOOGLE PHONE. I would expect it, and the N1 to both get 3.0 unless it's a tablet version. It'd be a crying shame if such a magnificent device DIDN'T get 3.0.
  3. oneponyshow42

    oneponyshow42 Member

    I totally agree it would be a shame but this was just too good not to share.
    Who doesn't love 3.0 goodness confirmation? ;)
  4. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    I can't make sense of what is typed...?
  5. oneponyshow42

    oneponyshow42 Member

    Yeah, as I said it's a google VM translation.
    The short end of it is that they are saying the reason the G2 only has the 1.92G avail onboard (instead of the full 4 gigs) is to leave room for the 3.0 update with the rest.

  6. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    There's no way 3.0 will be 2GB...

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