G2 Touch android 2.1-update 1 as the latest upgrade?Support

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  1. mirelush001

    mirelush001 New Member

    Hi guys!

    I've finally updated my G2 touch to the 2.1 firmware, but when checking the firmware version, it shows my update as 2.1-update 1. I check for software updates every day, changing the date in advance but it looks like my phone is up to date. Anyone can help? Also, other HTC Hero handsets already run the 2.2 froyo, will T-Mobile customers get that any time soon?


  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    2.1 update 1 is the latest version. The only Heroes running 2.2 are unofficial.
  3. solarpower03

    solarpower03 Member

    Hi there,
    How did you upgrade to 2.1. I am still on 1.5.
  4. nsnowehill

    nsnowehill Member

    HI all,
    Just wondering if there is a later version of the android to Android 2.1 update1? My phone is set to do the updates but it appears its up to date. If there is an update to do how do I get 2.2? I'm trying to use with a Asus EEE transformer and utilise the so called ' wifi' hotspot feature.. Oh yes, my phone is a G2 Touch from T mobile..thanks for your help.. :)

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