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  1. sachvshah

    sachvshah New Member


    Has anyone managed to setup sync with exchange server over the air? I received my g2 a week ago I can neither setup my exchange synchronisation nor setup yahoo, gmail etc. Has any one faced and resolved similar issue

    any help is appreciated.


  2. isdoo

    isdoo Active Member

    yes, no issues - however make sure that you register your google at the start - if you have not done this, tyhen do a factory reset and enter what you can when it first boots up.
  3. markasherman

    markasherman Member

    I only had to dig around my work IT to find the specific settings, but once found, it works just fine. However, I have not checked contacts, nor calendar, both of which I have read can be problematic.
  4. sachvshah

    sachvshah New Member

    Initially I did not but reading various posts I did factory reset (twice now!) google account is setup successfully now but still give same error 'account can not be created'.

    One thing i observed is when I enter the settings it goes to the screen which asks me what I would like to synch i.e. mail, contacts, calendar. Does that mean it is able to authenticate against the server but when it tries to establish sync it fails. As on earlier windows device while setting up sync it forced me to have pin setup. As I understand the same is not possible on G2? For you does all work i.e. mails, contacts and calendar?
  5. sachvshah

    sachvshah New Member

    What setting you had to ask for? I see all settings that is required on android was available from my Windows mobile setup.

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