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  1. Scott_Paley

    Scott_Paley New Member

    i connect my t-mobile g2 touch to my pc using my usb cable, and all it does is charge. the phone does not come up with an option to mount to disk drive or anything. i have done settings-applications-development-and ticked stay awake and USB debugging. please help.:confused:

  2. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Mines been doing this for the past 7 months, and I haven't been arsed to take it back to my Tmobile shop and get it sorted. I put it down to the USB port in the phone not working. But I wasn't sure. If anyone has any solutions to this. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, have you tried it on another computer? Have you set it to mount as a disk drive? When you plug it in, drag your taskbar down, and press charge only and then select Disk Drive
  3. Scott_Paley

    Scott_Paley New Member

    mine doesn't even come up with the option to mount it.
  4. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Have you got a mod on your phone, or is it stock and updated to the latest one? ( Settings --> About Phone --> Software Information --> Firmware Version.

    I have 2.1-update1

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