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G2 VS Hero

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  1. pranjal87

    pranjal87 Member

    Can anyone educate me on what is the exact difference betwenn T Mobile g2 and HTC Hero, BASED on SENSE U.I?

    I have T Mobile G2(got it tomorrow from a IMporter from Germany in India)

    The device has sense U.I. and Android 1.5(Cupcake)

    I want to official upgrade to 1.6(Donut) BUT without leaving/compromising on sense U.I

    I tried, Terminal EMulator command "su"

    it responds "access denied"

    It means device is not "rooted"

    So does G2 also has sense U.I by default or is it just me??

    ANd can't I just install HERO 1.6 ROM or does it requires a ROOT?

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    The exact difference? Other than the name, there isn't any. Same hardware, same firmware. Yes, you can only use the phone firmware released by T-Mobile, but that is true for any other hero bought from a mobile network company (e.g. orange, 3, and so on are all locked to their network's firmware too).

    Every single hero (including the G2s) has android 1.5 with HTC sense and there is no official 1.6 update and no official ROMs without HTC sense. So if you want android 1.6/2.0/2.1 on your hero you must root the phone and use custom firmware. There will be an official update to android 2.1 in June, however (assuming HTC don't delay it again....).
  3. pranjal87

    pranjal87 Member

    Newbie to Android.
    Veteran in WinMo

    This is confirm then, HTC sense u.i is available to any NETWORK HERO( T Mobile in my case)

    I just don't wanna loose my sense U.I, that is why I am not performing an update available from HTC site in G2 category.

    And there is no Donut for G2 yet? Weird, I thought I read it somewhere.

    ANd about sense U.I, isn't it like this:-

    Any phone saying "powered by Google" cannot have sense U.I on it, may be cause Sense U.I makes it possible to use Microsoft Active Exchange.

    And another point to contradict myself:-

    Since it requires HTC Sync to update ROM on G2( not OTA), and if G2 had sense U.I missing how will be able to synchronize?

    What about this ROM. What updates it has and does it has sense u.i?
    HTC Hero - ROM upgrade for HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 )

    And in windows there is a fear if you install operator ROM on hard spl(unlocked) handset.

    My G2 is unlocled, so does this mean i should not install official ROM?
  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Yes, my phone is a T-Mobile G2 and it comes with HTC sense, as do all Heroes/G2s. And you can use HTC sync just like anyone else.

    The update from the HTC site for the G2 has the Sense UI, I have installed it :) If you stick with official updates it is impossible to not have HTC Sense.

    No, unfortunately HTC have to remake HTC sense to work with each version of android. Because new android versions come out so quickly, HTC have skipped over 1.6 and 2.0 and are releasing 2.1 in June.

    I don't know about that tbh. I mean, all android phones are essentially powered by google, Sense or not, but I'm not sure what that means specifically as a marketing line. Either way, my G2 has the option to use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Here's how if you need to find out.

    Yes, that is the latest T-Mobile firmware, with 1.5 and Sense U.I. So if you need to update, this is the one to go for. You may already have this though, so it's worth checking first.

    And no, you cannot relock the phone that way; it has nothing to do with your firmware. I installed the latest T-Mobile update and a Virgin Sim worked just fine.
  5. pranjal87

    pranjal87 Member

    Wow, finally some1 who answered all my fears piece by piece!
    Its cause I have 2 windows ruined phones
    Jasjam(battery life is only half hour, another story)
    Daimond( screen broken by a stupid NoOB tech guy)
    G2, bought just on Saturday(24/4/10), don't wanna take it 2 fast in too little experience!

    Well, this brings us to this point:
    My T Mobile G2 version list

    Model Number:
    T Mobile g2 touch
    Firmware version:
    Kernel version:
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #521
    Build number: cl#47214 release-keys
    software version:

    Senior Member

    from XDA says, since my build is 1.7.6.XXXXX, it is easy to root

    This brings me to, Heck why should'nt I root?

    1) In order to install a custom ROM, is it necessary to ROOT?

    2) I don't think I want a custom ROM( MoDaCO is eveywhere on Google) yet, I just want full access, so can I ROOT my device and have the latest ROM from T mobile G2 rom from HTC.com?
  6. The_Gnome_

    The_Gnome_ Well-Known Member

    1) Yes, root is required for custom ROM install.

    2) I don't see why not - that should be fine!
  7. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Actually, I've never understood why people mess around with rooting (with instant root and so on) before putting a custom ROM on. With mine I just installed flashrec which, long story short, allowed me to switch out my unrooted firmware for the rooted modaco firmware. So in that sense you don't have to root to get custom firmware, it's just a benefit of the new ROM.

    Something to bear in mind pranjal is that the latest T-Mobile firmware is one of the patched firmwares. If you upgrade to the latest official ROM and then decide you'd really rather have Modaco it will be a lot more complicated than going from your current firmware to modaco. I believe the most recent t-mobile firmware is also harder to root for the same reason, but don't quote me on that because like I said, I never actually rooted it. Don't get me wrong, it's still possible to root/use custom firmware, it would just be more hassle.

    I can't recommend modaco enough; it's faster, smoother and yet less demanding on the battery. So if you're ever tempted, it's definitely the one to go for. The new official firmware should perform better than your current one too though.
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  8. pranjal87

    pranjal87 Member

    Since my Daimond is finally broken (display broken and in my attempt to replace it, radio signals gone, and the broken display's black film is still attached so i have to reopen it, which again may break the new display.....I know...another story)

    So, since I have to locked into android since only Hero survives. I WILL not upgrade to latest ROM, I'll wait till this month to get a hang of andro then by next month i'll root it, and then yes , I'm free to change any ROM

    People and XDA and here both have told seeing my version that it would be better to root now lest new update mey render it un rootable.

    Its something like PSP. OFW
  9. pranjal87

    pranjal87 Member

    I have had a very bad experiences with mobile phones
    1) Samsung c100- Drifted in water
    2) Nokia 3660 - Fell in bathroom pot
    3) Samsung x 430- Fell from my mom's hand, screen broken
    4) Nokia 6630 - 3 yrs later stolen
    5) Imate JASJAM - Wooping battery performance. Taught me all about WINMO
    6) HTC Daimond - Display broken by a NoOb repairman
    7) HTC Hero - How long will this survive
    How's this for a signature?!
  10. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    This is not the latest version and is actually quite laggy. If you update to the latest official then you will have a much slicker device - though harder to root. Android 2.1 should be out in June.
  11. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    +1 Yes, it's not nessasary to root in order to install a custom ROM, only if you want to use Titanium backup before wiping.
  12. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Good point. I didn't have that many apps before I rooted so I didn't really think about that.
  13. mgillespie

    mgillespie Well-Known Member

    Because you can't use FlashRec on some devices without root access. The T-Mobile G2 Touch being one such device.

    If you can use FlacRec, then all and great, but if it does not work, and nor does InstantRoot, then you have to do the GoldCard rigmarole... (which was the only way on my G2 Touch)
  14. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I used flashrec on a G2 without root access. I downgraded yes, but never rooted.
  15. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Quite correct.

    Not being able to use Flashrec on some phones has nothing to do with being rooted or not it's to do with the firmware version, so you have to downgrade via goldcard. Flashrec modifys the recovery which does not need root access. You only need root access to modify system files in the ROM.

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