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G2 won't turn onSupport

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  1. liphan

    liphan Member

    So my gf has a G2, and we can't get it to turn on.

    Some background on the issue:

    I have an Evo. My USB cord broke so I ordered a new one online, just a generic USB to USB mini. It worked fine, but then last week I noticed my phone dead after it was sitting plugged into the wall. I could not get it to turn back on or accept a charge no matter what I did. I didn't think anything was wrong with the cord because it was relatively new but I wasn't sure. I left it plugged in to my old cord (which would go in and out) via my computer overnight even though the phone wasn't accepting a charge.

    The next morning I saw the phone start beeping. It still had a completely low battery, but suddenly it would take a charge and I could get it to turn back on. It seemed my new cord wasn't working at all, but my old one would work, just loosely as I'd have to set it in the right position.

    Today without paying that much attention I plugged my gf's phone in with my old cord because I was using mine, both through the computer USB. The charge light came on, and everything seemed fine. However an hour later we realized the phone was dead and wouldn't turn on. Not with a battery pull, not with the wall charger, using a good cord that she had, nothing.

    She went to T-Mobile and they were completely unhelpful. All they said was call customer service who will send a new phone. Now that's all well and good, but it's kind of important to get the phone working now if possible.

    Any suggestions? Or thoughts as to what is going on? Should we leave it plugged into the wall? Not plugged into the wall? Just leave it plugged in for a very long time and see if anything happens?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. liphan

    liphan Member

    After doing a couple of battery/sim card pulls the charge light will now come on. It still won't turn on though.

    I'm hopeful that after a while the battery will be charged enough to turn on? Not sure how long I should expect that to take.

    It's been about 20 min and still wont turn on.
  3. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    Charge it till the light turns green. Could be a bad battery.

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