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  1. can anybody please advise me what apps are the best to get the most of my g2x such as juice defender thing to optimize this is my first android phone without rooting

  2. aquaitious

    aquaitious Well-Known Member

    Do you mean out of your battery?
    Or just overall performance?
    Your daily tasks?
    Up to date with information?
  3. overall performance the best apps for tasks battery cleaners speed up the whole thing please im very irritated with this so far finally got a phone that works thank you
  4. aquaitious

    aquaitious Well-Known Member

    Overall performance I'd say keep the phone clean.

    Don't add unnecessary apps, especially if you're not going to use them.

    As far as the battery savers are concerned, I find them to be total crap. Even Juice Defender. I tried it, wasn't too pleased with it, when my friend asked me about it I told him to try it out himself. He ended up deleting it after a week also.

    In my opinion, the phone came with a lot of bloatware, adding more stuff to optimize it is not really helping.

    If you really find your phone to be slow, then my best advice is to root it and take it from there.

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