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  1. Fetch Questman

    Fetch Questman Well-Known Member

    I've had the G1 since its launch and I've loved it. But it's starting to show its age. I had decided to upgrade to the G2x this week, but reading through the Sensation impressions is giving me cold feet.

    I have had an HTC for a long time and really like it and I'm not sure about LG. Also it's very hard for me to shell out the cash and lock into a 2 year deal when a more powerful phone is coming in a couple months.

    ...But I need a new phone soon and the G2x is amazing. Am I being a technophile by feeling this urge for the Sensation? Anybody else wrestling with this question?

  2. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    More powerful phone in a few months? Where??

    If you are referring to the 1.2ghz ones coming out, there hardly is any difference and it's how the processors are managed and intergrated with the phone than just a slighly higher number.

    Optimus 2x is a great phone and TBH I've had mine since Last monday and not had any of the issues that others have mentioned.

    It's fast, it doesn't reboot, call quality is great, browsing fast, camera works and never freezes and all this is on stock Android.

    I think people tend to moan just for hell of it / have received phones running development software and have rooted and suffered issues as a result.

    It's a great phone oh and Battery is very good!! (Again people clearly don't know how to use their phone if battery is an issue!)
  3. ukjets

    ukjets Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i have been wrestling with the same question for the last week, but with me its been between the x2, the sony ericcson arc or wait for the samsung.
    I really wanted a good camera and have been reading that the arc has the best camera, but then i think that the arc hasnt got dual core processor, but then i think do i really need a phone at the moment with a dual core processor, so i dont know what to do.
  4. Fetch Questman

    Fetch Questman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I know the danger of advancing tech, when the Sensation is about to come out there will probably be something slightly better right around the corner and I will be right back here, lugging around my old G1.

    As far as the problems people are saying goes... Sure, if you have 10 with the phone and one has a problem you know who is going to take the time to write about it on a forum. I think its a good thing, it lets people compare problems and solutions. And I've never seen anything that works 100% problem free.

    I think you have helped me decide to go for the G2x.
  5. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

    I'm on Verizon, but if I were on T-mobile it will go for G2X no doubt. The reasons are better battery life, more proven tegra2 dual core than 3rd gen 8260 snapdragon with better gaming support. And this is huge, STOCK ANDROID without manufacturer's UI!. Even though it's 2.2, I will get it over 2.3 with Sense UI. No matter how pretty Sense is looking with fancy 3D spinning screens, I would rather have stock android and choose to customize it with my favorite launchers.
  6. WuLove

    WuLove New Member

    Well, the sensation sounds great! But, it's all in a matter of wanting a new phone sooner or waiting a couple of months.
    Me, I'm going with the G2x. Sure it's not the best phone on the market after other phones(Samsung galaxy s2, etc) But it's one helluva beast! Sure beats every other smartphone. And Stock android! come on! :D
    I've been anxiously waiting for the 15th to order it...
  7. billytrueblue

    billytrueblue Well-Known Member

    i'm with choccy here :) get the 2x it rocks
  8. sebsal

    sebsal Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry Choccy, i'm not moaning for the hell of it. My 2x rebooted every day. Froze every time I charged it.

    I loved the phone but the version I got was just too bugged to use. There are a lot of people with the same problems.

    I'm sure your phone is great, and I really hope my replacement is as good as yours, but there are a LOT of dud lg 2x's out there
  9. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear the issues you are having.

    Seems lot's of people getting phones from different countries etc.

    Mine was from CPW in UK and as I said nothing really going wrong.

    Only little thing for me is the alarm clock once in while won't come on due to the screen lock it seems but seems to be random.

    Not had issues with anything else.

    Hope you get sorted
  10. cazman

    cazman Well-Known Member

    Honestly now, I rooted my 2X, flashed Paul O'Brien's modaco rom onto it, and I'm using the Launcher Pro launcher on my home screen, no bugs yet, and I tested it against my stepdad's iPhone 4, thrashed it in app loading and web page loading, he's jealous :d this phone will future proof you for a while provided no huge steps will be taken in mobile tech :D I couldn't be happier.
  11. jlowellh

    jlowellh New Member

    So I just got off the phone with LG, heres what he had to say. LG knows that their is a screen leak problem and they are currently working on the problem. LG WILL NOT cover this issue under a manufacturers warranty because, it "does not effect the function of the phone" Really? I am on my second G2X and a friend is on his third and we are both having screen leak issues. I suggest that you install iDraw! to give yourself a black screen to see what I am talking about. If you are under your 14 days of purchase I suggest you return your phone and wait for the remanufacturing. LG makes the screens for Apple and this is one of the reasons why the iPhone was delayed; because Apple insisted that LG fix the problem BEFORE they would release the iPhone. Why cant LG stand behind their products as well? I wont even go into the GPS issues, who cares now... What gives LG?
  12. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily true...if one is in a marginal signal area, the battery will suffer from higher drain rates. No software management, nor configuration will alleviate that.

    At home on the weekends, my phone stays near -60dBm, and will last 24-36hours of "my normal use". At work, my signal is typically near -105dBm, at which point I am often unable to make a call (despite the phone reporting 2 out of 4 bars) and the battery will drain within 8-10 hours.

    Aside from the less than desirable reception capability, and lack of LED notification, my T-Mo branded G2x performed flawlessly, in stock form, and with the apps I installed. Unfortunately, the reception issue moved me to return it.
  13. Android2230

    Android2230 Active Member

    I'd take the Optimus because the Snapdragon 8X60 is A8 and Tegra is A9 and has many great features. Also, the Sensation won't be out until August I think.

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