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  1. pavlovic33

    pavlovic33 New Member

    I was trying to install cm7 on my g2x by installing the cm7 zip and gapps from my sd using clockwork. once i flashed both zips i rebooted my phone and got stuck in the cm7 initial screen. I pulled the battery and placed it back in and started it up again. the regular lg sign appeared then shortly a new lg sign comes up followed by the cm7 loading screen. the cm7 screen constantly refreshes as though it where stuck on a loop. is there any way to fix this problem and return to the clockwork bootloader creen??? Please help!!

  2. makkoaxis

    makkoaxis New Member

    hello bro did u find any solut
    ion to this i am also getting this error :/ :'(
  3. maxesxp

    maxesxp New Member

    did you remember to clear your cache?
  4. Klogon

    Klogon New Member

    I had this happen to me two days ago and I freaked out. I just factory reset it, cleared my cache again, and then reflashed CM7 without doing the google apps zip until after I booted it the first time. It works fine now.
  5. j33p3rz

    j33p3rz Active Member

    Yep just redo it again clear all cache fix permissions and install gapps last after a reboot ;-)

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