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g2x wont recognize/read sim card, and no battery statusSupport

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  1. fogsy

    fogsy New Member

    so here is what happened, I accidently poured a glass of water into my g2x, dried it up it turned on but there is no battery status, and it wont recognize the sim card. its the same sim card I was using before. It also shows a date of 2007 and we are in 2012. I was thinking about reinstalling the the operating system and wondering if that would solve it ?
    p.s: wifi works, all the applications work, music player work, I mean besides not reading the sim card and the battery life that shows a question mark on the status icon ....everything seems to work just like before.
    any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. randosity42

    randosity42 New Member

    I fixed it.

    Mine started doing the same thing on Friday, but it started inexplicably when i turned it on after charging all night. The battery life was unknown, and the battery app i had read 999%. Also I couldn't get a signal, but wifi was working fine. Last, I turned on airplane mode and it became stuck on, the button to turn it off was greyed out and it persisted through resets. I formatted my phone, but nothing improved.

    believe it or not, while I was sitting here registering for an account on this forum so I could ask this question, i just took the sim card out, blew on it, and put it back in, which seemed to fix it. So, I would suggest blowing any crap out of that sim card slot, and if you can't get it to work, try a new sim card.
  3. xcarnage

    xcarnage New Member

    Did you ever fix this issue? I have same problem and it's not garbage in the sim slot
  4. malski28

    malski28 New Member

    I have a lg g2x p999 and I was charging it then I completely lost network connection and had a question mark in the battery icon, but I didnt do anything to the phone, what is wrong and how can I fix it?

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