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  1. gwolf

    gwolf Active Member

    so attack of the show reviewed the g2x and they were quite pleased on what they had seen. even with the problems the community says it has. i haven't had a single problem with mine, other than i fact that i dropped it and spiderwebbed, but hopfully i will have it fixed soon.

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  2. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    Same here Not one problem with this phone I am not going into it because I have posted before and it is too much to type but to put it quickly it is peoples instinct to complain and as a general rule for any customer based buisness 1 happy person will tell 5 others 1 unhappy person will tell 15-20 others. not too sure of the numbers but it is very close to that.
  3. gwolf

    gwolf Active Member

    yeah, my theroy is, if it isnt broken dont fix it... i wait for offical updates or dont bother rooting my phone... there are so many things that CAN go wrong. i dont even have any jailbroken devices at all. and yeah those numbers are roughly right. i work retail. so i know how exactly how word of mouth is played out.
  4. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    Amen to that.
  5. amerproxity

    amerproxity Member

    The first g2x I got had all the problems. Random restarts, random shutoff and refuses to turn on, battery lasted only 3-4 hours idling, etc, etc. I exchanged it and the second one they gave me hasn't had any serious problems. The only issue I had was when I decided to tweak my router settings and the phone just refused to connect to my wifi. After days of troubleshooting and doing everything I could absolutely think of, including hard reset of both the phone and the router, I just decided to change the name of my network, because the phone connected fine to other networks and this fixed the problem. I agree with the above stated, people do have a tendency to bitch and moan about many things, but my first handset was completely half-assed. I couldn't use it at all. Pretty much everything is going good with this one, except that for some reason I can't buy games from gameloft; it says "This game is not compatible with your phone" All in all, I agree, this phone has so much potential that the good greatly outweighs the bad.
  6. awdroid

    awdroid Member

    Im on my first one since it launched and it has had little to no problems at all. updated and battery life is better. some are better than others i guess. i wanna root but im scared

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