Galacticapps present... MOVIES !

  1. GalacticApps

    GalacticApps New Member

    Hi everybody.
    i'm a french developer and i want to present you my first app: Movies!

    With a very simple interface, you will be able to see every informations about many movies, and a trailer thanks to youtube.

    You can see screenshots here: GalacticApps

    It's my first app, and it's the first version, so it's not perfect, but i need your points of view to make it better !

    Thank you all ;)

    ps: sorry for my english :s

  2. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    Although I am allowing this post for now as long as you plan to contribute to the forums with more than pushing you apps and web site ... Please read the site rules
  3. GalacticApps

    GalacticApps New Member

    for sure i plan to contribute to the forums... tks

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