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  1. dcomnimda

    dcomnimda Member

  2. MrZk

    MrZk New Member

    That game looks real good!! :eek:

    I'm 64b07 btw

    You figured out how the battle system work with elements and race??
  3. Eddy070

    Eddy070 Member

    Hi My code is 9147C
    Please add me, I play daily.
  4. sebstar

    sebstar New Member

    Add me 99B04
  5. Gackt

    Gackt Member

    Hello my Galaxia Code is: 29115 Please Add Me I play daily
  6. noianoia

    noianoia New Member

    please add 203B3
  7. midoriEK

    midoriEK New Member

  8. Cobra5

    Cobra5 Well-Known Member

    Need army...

  9. cammyhorne

    cammyhorne Active Member

    ad me please: B1F53
  10. Ryanm7926

    Ryanm7926 Member

    My Code Please All Add Me:

  11. VooseLagina

    VooseLagina New Member

    F9499 I play daily
  12. jrstar84

    jrstar84 New Member

  13. Zerphon

    Zerphon New Member

  14. drnour

    drnour New Member

    Just a noob

    Looking for first 3 army to open first mission

    My code 3565D
  15. Sayder

    Sayder New Member

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