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  1. blown306stang

    blown306stang Member

    I currently have the original Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet. Was thinking about getting the Galaxy 10 or 7 plus. I like the size of the 10 since i already have a 7 in. tab. Was wondering what you guys think.

  2. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Well-Known Member

    Night and day. The 10.1 is amazing compared to the original Galaxy Tab.
  3. raqball

    raqball Well-Known Member

    I have not used or played with the 7 plus but I can tell you that the 10.1 ROCKS!!!!!....
  4. joseph.v1988

    joseph.v1988 Active Member

    I have the 10.1 and I love it when I got it I carried it everywhere espacilly to work. I took it for about a month and got tired of packin the to work so I leave it at home and mess with it there. the 7.0 is portable and can ur pocket. I like portabilty thats my opinion
  5. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    The viewing experience and interface on the 10.1 is amazing. Although they're both nice, with all the focus on 1-upping the iPad 2, I think there is likely to be much more app development and support for the 10.1 platform down the road.

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