Galaxy 5 dumb USB. No pc connectivity/charging via chargerSupport

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  1. mashruf

    mashruf New Member

    Connected to a pc, it was virus affected, then suddenly it started usb blinking (that is connected and not connected) and finally disconnected.

    From then the phone became usb dumb. No charging via usb port or pc connectivity.

    I have tried with several usb cable/pcs. Tried hard reset. Even being suspicious about hardware I tried to replace the usb port. But that was OK. But it gives a very low voltage to the battery charging pin in the phone like 2V where the battery is 3.7V.

    But the phone runs OK.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    When you use the pc for charging, then it takes very, very long time

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