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  1. NMBowtie

    NMBowtie New Member

    I got a Samsung Galaxy 5 today and started it up. It worked fine at first, but after I initially connected it to the computer and started keis, it said it was connected and I had the option of transferring files. Things seemed to work fine until I disconnected, then the phone started locking up once it was not in use. I tried removing the battery (as suggested here) and that worked the first time, now it seems to be totally dead. I cannot get it to power up regardless of how I try (removed battery and let it sit a while, plugged into wall charger, plugged into computer, nothing).

    Is there anything to do to get this phone to power up? I have not downloaded any apps yet or done any other upgrades. HELP!

  2. NMBowtie

    NMBowtie New Member

    Nobody has any ideas?
  3. kDmG

    kDmG Member

    Did you get this phone new? If so, you can send it back to Samsung to get it repaired/replaced depending on the fault and its all free service too (including postage)

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