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  1. robf355

    robf355 Member

    Can anyone help?
    When entering the recipient in a new sms message as i type the name i get two (or more) names in the drop down, the first is a line of numbers, the second line the actual recipient. for example if i type helen i get:
    helen c.....etc

    firstly is there a way to change the sort order, and second what is the point of the first line, if i select it the phone tells me it is an invalid recipient!

  2. I noticed that too ages ago and wondered what it was. I don't type names in very often (I usually scroll) so thought no more of it.

    But I've just tried it again and I've realised what it is! You know on old phones when you type a text and the number 2 key has ABC on it, 3 has DEF, 4 has GHI etc? It looks like that. For Helen H corresponds with 4, E with 3, L with 5 etc. The bad news is I have no idea how to stop it.
  3. robf355

    robf355 Member

    Yes your right, I can't see what the use of this is though, it would be nice to turn it off as when you are in landscape mode it's the only line that you can see without scrolling
  4. You could try posting in the main forum. It used to happen on my old phone so it can't only be a problem on the Ace 2.

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