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  1. Daviduk

    Daviduk Active Member

    I have been trying to install Skype on my Ace. Yesterday via Android market it showed that it could be downloaded, but it crashed half way through install and reset the Ace.
    I have contacted Skype and this is their suggestion :-
    kindly accept our advice to upgrade your Android firmware that runs on your Samsung Galaxy Ace to the latest version: v2.3 and then try to download and install Skype again using the following link:
    Skype for Android Phones ? Free Skype download which will direct you to the Android Market to install Skype on your mobile.

    I have updated Kies and it tells me I have the latest firmware and that us PDA:KC1/PHONE:KC1/CSC:KC1(XME)
    I am now totally lost. Can I upgrade to 2.3? If so how? I must be getting to old for all this and need to have my hand held!

  2. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    Firstly read the forum as there are plenty of threads on the firmware update, secondly I run skype on 2.2 froyo stock ace. Works fine. Try the install again making sure your connection is good I.e. wi fi
  3. Daviduk

    Daviduk Active Member

    Can't get it to work. Connected with my home WiFi and that works 100%. Every time I download Skype it crashes during the installation and reboots the phone. Running Samsung Galaxy Ace freyo 2.2. Cleared out memory to see if that was the problem but still not working.
  4. shreyasvb

    shreyasvb Member

    D only option left is to download from other source n den install it on yor phone...
    (B4 tat try clearing yor market data in settings n try downloading again,99 % sure it ll download atleast aft tat)

    PS: m AGAINST "downloading pirated app"..this is just a offence!
    ==> Pirated app downloaders r true suckers <==
  5. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

    i use imo to connect to skype, works like a charm. didn't find any differences but then again i only use it as a standard messenger, and imo also lets me connect to facebook, msn etc.

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