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  1. ThiagoPaes

    ThiagoPaes New Member

    First, wanted to say sorry about my bad english, since i'm from brazil and never really had english class.

    I searched around the forum but couldn't find what's going on. I also dont know what means a 'bricked phone' and if my phone is like that, sorry and i am going to study about it.

    I installed the CyanogenMod, used a few days but I wanted to back to Original one and I restored the backup I did before install the Mod.

    The problem is: It's not turning on anymore, it stays on "Galaxy Ace GT-S5830B" screen, I tried to acess Download mode but it stays in 'Downloading' screen as well. I can acess Recovery Mode, but I couldn't find anything to make it work.

    Since I am dumb about technology I really wish you guys could help me.


  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    You cannot restore to a stock rom backup after installing cyanogenmod, their formats are different and your recovery cannot convert the format in order to restore properly.
    You can flash another cyanogenmod rom i think, but if you want to go back to stock then you will have to flash a fresh samsung stock firmware via Odin.
    Check out for software and firmwares, and xda for tutorial.
    Check section C of this tutorial for Odin
  3. ThiagoPaes

    ThiagoPaes New Member

    Ok, my internet is slow as hell.. 5 hours to download 140mb, but I will try that, thanks !!

    I tried to do that, but since I can't enter in Download mode, Odin doesn't detect my phone, tried to instal Samsung Kies, but couldn't make it work as well. I tried also "Samsung Usb Drivers", but I couldn't execute the .exe file.
    I am still searching !

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