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  1. lyndonf

    lyndonf New Member

    Hey, so I brought a samsung galaxy ace GT-s5830 second hand.
    When I first started using it, it was fine. After about 5 hrs it would randomly vibrate then sort of restart. It would go black then go straight back to the screen where I unlock it as though i had put it to sleep. But it happens when I've put it down and doing nothing and when I'm txting or on facebook. Sometimes when it vibrates it will show a flash of red that looks like the vodafone symbol then straight to the screen. Would really appreciate any help. I've tried resetting the phone and it still does it. I've also got android booster to manage what apps are open. Would really appreciate any help???

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    With my phone it was caused by an app that I installed. Start uninstalling the ones you got most recently.
  3. Mafiakillers

    Mafiakillers Active Member

    First Uninstall all the Apps..or make a Factory reset.
    Aftr done..switch off phone & Keep.on Charging for 1hour.
    Then.unplug it from charging and remove memory card.
    Press Power button+ Back Button (Middle Black Button)
    And start the phone, aftr that a window will appear,just select Wipe cache partition.
    U can select it by Pressing Volume down Key.. And select it by Back button..
    Resart it...Its done.

    Click on.Thanx.
  4. jerinthomas27

    jerinthomas27 New Member

    my phone is a new samsung galaxy ace and i have been using android for the past 1 week. my problem is all my contacts are on the SIM memory , how to trfansfer it to the phone memory. Can you tell me the steps.? please.
  5. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Open the contacts app, click on the left softkey button, a small menu will pop up, click on the import/export option and choose 'import from sim card'.

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