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  1. saurabhp

    saurabhp Member

    hi friends..
    i'm saurabh and i'm using samsung galaxy ace(GT-S5830), and its not vibrating for incoming notifications(like messages or IM notifications)...notification ringtone is playing but not vibrating...
    vibration is set to "always" in vibration settings...
    this problem started when i installed and used "Go Power Master" even after uninstalling the app its not vibrating....plzz help me out...


  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Was there any option in the app that specifically turned off the vibration?

    If that is the case then do one thing, install the app again, turn off that setting then remove the app again.
  3. saurabhp

    saurabhp Member

    no, there was no such is a power management app for saving soon an i clicked on optimize battery option it changed some of my settings like screen timeout, brightness etc. to save battery and from then its not vibrating for notifications even when i've changed all settings to my defaults....

    is there any other solution??
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Yes, and the haptick feedback was one of the settings that it changed, now u need that app to undo it before removing it.
    U must have removed the app while it was still set on optimizing battery.
    Just reinstall it, click the optimization again and after a few minutes disable the optimization from the app itself. Then you can safely remove it.

    It happens sometimes that the apps affect the changes in the system which are not controlled by the general settings. Try this, you don't have anything to lose anyways, your vibration won't come back by itself :p.
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  5. saurabhp

    saurabhp Member

    thnx worked......:D:)
    there was no option to undo optimization changes....but there was a option to create a custom battery optimization profile, so i created a custom optimization profile and kept vibration ON in that profile.....then i uninstalled that app....and its working well as it used to...;)

    thnx again...
  6. saurabhp

    saurabhp Member

    hi friends,
    i'm learning android application development, but when i'm trying for messaging app, i'm unable to get the conversation/thread view in my application. so can anyone please tell me the code for getting conversation/thread view in my app, it will be a great help.....

    thanks in advance..:)

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