Galaxy Ace: randomly phone stops receiving calls/cannot place calls until rebootedSupport

  1. nahuel

    nahuel New Member

    Title pretty much explains it, sometimes the phone just stops receiving calls (it's as if it were off for the person calling and goes straight to vm) and when I try to make calls it takes forever, then a single tone and "call ended" without it even starting. It also happens with sms (receiving end, haven't tried sending one when the problem occurs). The only way to solve this is to restart the phone. Any ideas why this may be happening/how to fix it? thanks!

    Edit: I suspected it had something to do with the 3G network so I forced a 2G connection. Issue hasn't occurred since then. Will update tomorrow if Root Cause was 3G

    Edit 2: 24 hrs without the problem, feel pretty confident it was the 3G that caused it. Will switch back to see it can be reproduced it

    Edit 3: Carrier recognized it was a problem on their end. Solution may take up to one day to be effective, will edit back when I fully test problem is definitely solved

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  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!

    I've just seen that you have editted your post, explaining that you appear to have solved your issue... that's great... would you mind posting again to let us know that it really has solved your problem, so that others who suffer from it know how you solved the issue?

    Cheers for the tip!
  3. nahuel

    nahuel New Member

    I was waiting a full 24 hrs to check this was the problem, but thanks for the remainder :).

    The problem has not reocurred since I switched to 2G, I will go back to 3G as of now to see if I can reproduce it, to complete the troubleshooting. If you want to know, I'm in Argentina and my carrier is Claro
  4. nahuel

    nahuel New Member

    I have reproduced the problem switching back to 3G. I don't know if it's a carrier problem, but I'll be calling them to get their perspective, and a possible solution/workaround. I'll keep you posted
  5. lokeshsaini94

    lokeshsaini94 Member

    hey.... hiii.... i do face same problem with my galaxy ace plus in india with carrier airtel..... solves when forced to 3g... i had 1 more problem that my phone showed roaming all the time with no roaming charges deducted by carrier even in local area..... solved by using wcdma only....
  6. lokeshsaini94

    lokeshsaini94 Member

    its an android issue for sure......
  7. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem all of a sudden today! Its now gone after a reboot. I didnt use 3g or 2g.
  8. Acemen

    Acemen New Member

    The Galaxy Ace GT-S6102 (Faults! Faults! Faults!)
    One is, it will not allow answering incoming calls? Many more faults!!! To many to mention.

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