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  1. soudy1994

    soudy1994 Well-Known Member

    can anyone tell me all galaxy ace voice commands and if there is any program i need to download

  2. soudy1994

    soudy1994 Well-Known Member

    when i say "send email or send text to richard you suck" it just searches for what i said it dosent go to email and let me send it

    anyone help me plz
  3. soudy1994

    soudy1994 Well-Known Member

    any help?
  4. yenzaghi

    yenzaghi New Member

    hello.. in my galaxy ace, only "english" language available with "help" menu, which is a guide how to saying...ex. call xxx, note to self yyy, send text..., send email etc.

    in another language such as chinese, german etc don't have the "help" menu showed.

    which language did you set?

    hope this help :D
  5. soudy1994

    soudy1994 Well-Known Member

    i was using english uk but when i changed to english us it was fixed :D thanks
  6. amal.jas

    amal.jas Member

    Hi friends,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.4...

    In that mobile I have a problem when i am giving voice input(By pressing Microphone button) in Messages typing mode option it shows, "Connection Error".

    The error occur only in message voice input only. Other voice services like internet, google search,Gtalk are working well.

    How to solve message voice input error in Android 2.3.4.. please help me..

    Thanks in advance..
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  7. dnana

    dnana Member

    yes me too have the same problem
    i think the problem is after the update to gingerbread
    any help?
  8. Millenium3

    Millenium3 New Member

  9. bpeters

    bpeters New Member

    my voice command is not working on my samsaung galaxy ace is there a soloution

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