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  1. tiknaidom112

    tiknaidom112 New Member

    My Phone very often(90% of the time) hangs and i am not able to perform any function.:(
    Initially I suspected a touch screen issue but if it would have been a touch screen issue, I would face it 100 % of the time .

    I tried to a factory reset and it helped for like 2-3 hrs but it is again back to the problem stage

    ANy suggestions??:confused:

    PS When i press the home key to navigate in this scenario, it takes a screencapture;

  2. Rama Krishna

    Rama Krishna Member

    Go to your nearest samsung service center they wil install the latest software
  3. yozenbalki

    yozenbalki Member

    install 'auto memory manager'..a free app from market. it will do the best.

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