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Galaxy attain with no soundSupport

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  1. mred1971

    mred1971 New Member

    Hello all. Just new to this forum so if this topic has already been discussed please direct me to the proper place.

    I bought my attain from MetroPCS back in the end of summer. Worked fine, no issues until a couple days ago. I cannot hear anything when I answer or make calls. I can hear the phone ringing if someone calls me but once I answer NOTHING. If I make the call I hear again nothing. No sound of the phone dialing. The call goes through because people on the other end get a call, I cannot hear the dialing or them answering.
    All other notifications work.

    Did not drop it, spill anything on it. Worked Saturday and then Sunday..nada.
    This is frustrating. If I can fix it i'd like to try before taking it back.

    Also I'm not very savvy when it comes to tech things. So you may respond in simple terms if you can. I've only downloaded three apps. Pandora, Lookout and Solitaire. Took them off, still a problem.


  2. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    Are you sure you have (in call volume up) or that you didnt accidently hit the mute button during a call?
  3. mred1971

    mred1971 New Member

    Had checked everything including that.

    I did some more research and found that this is a known problem with some samsung phones.
    Don't know how often but its out there. Also don't know if it's just samsung because I kept my search specific.

    Problem fixed after reset to factory setting. Strange.


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